Welcome to “Life with Karlly”!

Hi guys! First of all, we want to thank you for giving this a shot. Welcome to “Life with Karlly by Karen & Allyson” which is a site where we will share our adventures, past shenanigans, future plans and anything else that interests us. We are like two peas in a pod, partners in crime and most of all the best of friends. Even the 4 year age gap between us is never a hindrance for our friendship to strengthen and surprisingly, we think alike with almost everything. We are two grown-ups (though we really do not feel like it) trying to enjoy what life has to offer us, to live our dreams and to travel as much as possible. We like spontaneity and we enjoy doing anything at random, hence the inception of this little blog.

Through this, you will mostly read about our random thoughts and get a little peek into our lives which hopefully will inspire you to enjoy your life to the fullest too.

We hope for you to enjoy every bit of our moments. Happy reading!


K & A


2 Comments on Welcome to “Life with Karlly”!

  1. Nilah
    September 29 at 12:09 PM (3 years ago)

    Keep posting.

    • Karlly
      September 29 at 6:52 PM (3 years ago)

      We will! Thank you


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