The St. Regis Doha Experience (Part 1)

The St. Regis opened its doors 2 years ago in Doha and it was during their 2nd year anniversary that we first decided to check them out and stay for a night. Let us tell you that at the time of our check-in we were not too pleased by the long wait we had to undergo. They were fully booked and some guests were checking out late so we could not get access to our room in a prompt manner but we quickly forgot about this when they provided us with a free order of any beverage we wanted at their Sarab Tea Lounge.


When we were informed that our room was available, we headed there directly and our jaws instantly dropped upon entering. The room was spacious, had an amazing view of the beach and was filled with natural light from Mr. Sun. The sunshine instantly lifted our moods and we were just so excited and elated to be there with each other. We explored every inch of our room, took several pictures (and selfies of course!), unpacked our things and hanged them in the enormous closets. What I (Karen) especially loved is that they had so many mirrors which meant Allyson & I would not complain about one of us hogging the mirror so much when it was time for us to get ready for dinner.



Since the weather was so nice that time and the sun was shining so bright, we decided to head to the pool and soak up some rays. People watching was fun too (yes, we are guilty of doing this).

Us, people watching 😀

For dinner, we decided to try Opal by Gordon Ramsay (first time for both of us) which is a laid back place with a non-fussy menu. We ordered their Peach & Endives salad and the Chicken Shawarma Pizza. Not to discriminate but we loved the salad more than the pizza. The almonds in the salad just added some crunch and the dressing was sweet (but not too sweet) to balance out the flavor of the peaches.


Sorry, the shot is a bit dark :/

The next day it was so hard for us to get up early in the morning because the bed was so comfortable and it was tempting us to sleep in longer. So as you would expect, we ended up ordering room service for breakfast. The breakfast spread was full of baked goodies, eggs, sausages, etc. which was served with freshly squeezed orange juice plus piping hot coffee. We devoured almost everything instantly.


Though our beds were calling out our names, we managed to push through and get ready for our check-out. This made us a little sad since we had such a lovely time and we enjoyed our stay so much that deep inside we didn’t really want to leave.

Of course we cannot end this post without mentioning the exceptional service that was provided by the staff. They were very attentive from the time we parked our car for valet service until we left the hotel.

I guess you would not be surprised to know that we checked-in again for the second time (read more about this post on Tuesday).

Now a mini-review on the hotel before we bid you adieu. 🙂

 1. How long was the check-in duration?

– As mentioned earlier, we did have to wait for quite some time to finalize our check-in. An estimated time of 15 minutes. It was a bit of a hassle because we just wanted to get it over with and head to our rooms, good thing the staff were really accommodating and provided us with a late check-out to make up for it.

2. What was the appearance of the lobby?

– Upon entering the hotel, a grand and spacious Lobby welcomes you. It had very high ceilings and huge windows that allowed natural light to come through. It was spotless and classy. The furnishings were first-rate.


3. What was the guest room like?

– We already described how the room looked like so let us just mention the bed! We had twin beds and each bed was cozy, soft and really comfortable covered with crisp white linens. Two over-sized pillows were provided (there were two extras in the closet) and these were equally soft as the bed.



4. How about the guest bathroom?

– The bathroom had a bath tub, vanity area with an over-sized mirror, separate toilet & shower. There’s a small wall-mounted LED TV that could entertain you while soaked in the tub. Toiletries were provided except for dental kits (toothbrush & toothpaste) which you can request from them if in case you forget bringing your own.


5. Any information about the closet?

– We tend to over pack (even for one night hotel stays) so it was really ideal that our room had a very spacious closet. When we say spacious, we literally mean huge! You can put a lot of stuff & clothes in the closet and it doesn’t hurt that it was very well lit so you can see everything even in the dark.


6. Did you have anything from the minibar?

– Well we did not try anything from the minibar but it was packed with different things that would surely satisfy anyone from every age group.

7. How was the wi-fi availability?

– In-house guests were provided with a password for the room wi-fi. The signal in the room was average compared to the lobby which was really fast and strong. Wi-fi in the lobby was completely free for the public.

8. How long was the check-out duration?

– Surprisingly, we did not have a hard time checking out and we did not have to wait a long time either.

9. What can you say about the valet service?

– The valet service was open for 24 hours.

10. How did the staff treat you?

– They are very welcoming and hospitable. Every staff member we ran into either smiled or greeted us. Plus everyone was really accommodating from the reception to housekeeping.

11. Would you recommend it to others?

– Yes, we would highly recommend them to our family & friends.

12. How would you rate your over-all stay?

–   (4.5 / 5)

Hopefully, after reading this post, you end up deciding to try them out too.

See you next time!


K & A



The St. Regis Doha contact information:

Address: West Bay · Doha, Qatar

Phone: (974) 4446 0000

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  1. zandz
    September 22 at 5:42 AM (3 years ago)

    nice review bud!! its good to see a blog like this.. would be a help for peeps who’ll visit DOHA.. tags for: best hotels in Doha, Qatar ; Doha Hotels Review ; Best Doha Hotels ; Life in Doha, Qatar ;

    • Karlly
      September 22 at 7:50 AM (3 years ago)

      Thank you for your comment zandz! We really appreciate it 🙂 Keep checking back for more hotel reviews coming soon.


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