Encountering a Legend: Philippe Charriol

We mentioned in our previous post that we would publish the second part of our St. Regis Experience today but we wanted to share this with you guys first. You will read Part 2 soon.

You might ask us how we managed to meet Mr. Charriol himself but honestly it was all by chance and we were so dumbfounded that it happened. Before we get into the full details of how the meeting took place, let us first discuss the man behind the brand and the business he has built.


*Philippe Charriol is a French entrepreneur who founded his company in Geneva in the year 1983. He is a devotee of art and history, drew inspiration from the Celtic culture in order to create his maiden collection in 1983 – the Celtic Collection.

The brand Charriol does not need any introduction since it is an institution in the fashion industry. It is mostly known for its luxury timepieces and jewelry with the Charriol trademark of using intertwined steel/gold cables as decorative motif. This unique idea was purely Philippe’s and it is patented. *Charriol still holds exclusive worldwide rights over it.

(*Excerpts taken from Wikipedia)

So now, how did we come face to face with a legend?

You know how popular friendship bracelets were back in the day during your childhood years? These were bracelets you made out of thread and gave out to your best friends as a token of friendship. Well of course, we are just too old for the thread bracelets and we wanted something unique so we decided to head on to a Charriol boutique at the Royal Plaza shopping complex on the 13th of this month and had a look at the various designs they had of their cable bangles to serve as our friendship bracelet. While we were searching for a design that we both liked, a man in a beige suit walked in and looked very well groomed. This man really carried himself in an elegant manner and we instantly admired his sense of style. He came in with another male companion and this person introduced the dapper man as “Mr. Philippe Charriol”. Of course we did not want to seem like we were huge fans so we acted nonchalantly but deep inside we were really giddy like little children in a candy store. Mr. Charriol was really humble despite his status and his accomplishments. He conversed with us casually and mentioned that he had visited the Philippines numerous times for both business and pleasure. He also shared with us that he was flying to the Philippines again, specifically to Palawan, that same night. Before he left the store he asked if he could take a picture with us (that’s how humble he was and maybe he realized that we were too shy to ask for a photo) and told us he would send the picture by e-mail. But don’t fret we did not leave the boutique after he left. We still stayed and decided on a bangle design that we both loved so we did not leave empty handed.

We chose a lovely two tone (rose gold & steel cable) Celtic bangle.



After we left the store, we received the photo he e-mailed and gave him a quick reply. We took the chance to tell him how honored we were to meet him while he was in a short visit here in Doha and wished him a safe flight . We were not actually expecting a response, but he did! (And that gave us goosebumps all over again!) We were so ecstatic that we could not stop talking about the experience even the next day.


Meet the Philippe Charriol with K & A.

We have included some photos of the collection in stores for your viewing pleasure 🙂




The St. Tropez collection, our favorite!

Credits to the store manager, Shabab, for being so patient in assisting us and for the surprising discount he gave.

Our lucky stars were with us that night.


K & A

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 Charriol Boutique
City center – West Bay
TEL: 974 4483 3000
Al Muftah Jewellery – Distributor – Service Center
Al Sadd street
TEL: (974) 4444 1320
Charriol Boutique
Royal Plaza
Al-Sadd Street
TEL: (974) 4413 1430

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    The bracelets are niceeee.. haha buy me one too. 😉


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