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So what did you do last weekend?

We headed to West Bay particularly at The Gate Mall last Friday and our feet landed at Jones the Grocer. Have you heard of this restaurant that serves gourmet food using all natural ingredients? If not, you should read more about them below.

Honestly, we have been wanting to try them out for the longest time since we’ve been hearing great feedback but unfortunately, they are always jam packed! Imagine our surprise when we got there and they had extra tables for us.  As we entered, a chalkboard of the menu specials will welcome you. The place offers you this casual cool vibe and it is very well lit. You could smell the aroma of warm bread and could see busy people around the kitchen area. The weather was great that time so instead of choosing to be seated inside, we opted to dine outdoors. We really didn’t have any idea what to expect so we browsed their menu meticulously prior to placing our orders. 






It was hard for us to call someone to take our orders since we were seated outside; they didn’t seem to remember that we required their attention too but eventually someone came out.

Though we had to wait a while to place our orders, we were fortunate that it did not take them long to serve our food. Main course was served at roughly around 15-20 minutes which was great cause our tummies were grumbling. Drinks were served first and the main course followed. We immediately tasted the food and from there we understood why there was such hype about them and the reason they are always fully booked.

I (Karen) ordered the Spiced Salmon from their spiced monthly special menu which came with mashed potatoes and a spicy tomato based sauce. When all three components are eaten together, a blast of flavor hits your taste buds. It was absolutely delicious but I kinda wished I ordered some salad on the side for a serving of vegetables.


As for me (Allyson), I decided to get a light meal which is Fish and Chips from their regular menu. It comes with two dips – ketchup and tartar sauce. The fish had the perfect crisp and was wrapped in a golden batter alongside deep-fried fries. It blended well with the tartar sauce. I was pretty much satisfied and my choice made me full.


Lastly, not to miss the dessert, we had Banana Mousse with Chocolate-coated Strawberry which was smooth and velvety. It was very well-presented. We enjoyed every bite.


This place is definitely worth a try!

Our rating? (4 / 5)


K & A

Here’s a few more notes on this dining establishment:


  1. Easy to understand menu
  2. Great for families, social meet-ups
  3. Fast food service
  4. Clean indoor & outdoor area
  5. Wide range of desserts and sandwiches at the counter if you wish to take away some grub


  1. No toilets, you have to go inside the mall to access one
  2. Usually fully booked
  3. Staff were not as attentive to their customers that were seated outside

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Jones the Grocer Albury

Address: Ground Floor, The Gate Mall, Dafna, Doha
Contact No.: +974 4407 7175

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