Reasons we’re Single (from the Women’s Perspective)



“You’re really pretty, why are you still single?”, “Are you dating anyone?”, ” Is he your boyfriend?” – These are some questions single girls get annoyed about. The thing is some may be too sensitive about this topic but others just don’t really care anymore.

I, myself, is pretty much in the market as well. I admit that sometimes there are these moments where I just want to throw my phone since nobody’s texting me; times where I get to open my facebook and all I see are pictures of my friends getting married or being engaged to someone; scenarios where I’m always the 5th wheel and people around you would be way to sweet, acting like you’re not around. Guilty as charged, I’m single. So, what’s the big deal?


Guess what? I’m young and I’m not worried that I’m one of the uncommitted. Try to think outside the box. You get to spend more time with your friends, you don’t get to answer to someone, you can dress up the way you want and you can be wherever,whenever you want.

One more thing, not all people who are in a relationship are happy. Trust me. 🙂


I wonder, do girls have the same reasons on why they are not committed?

I asked some legit single girls their reasons on why they are still single. Is it their choice? Read below.

It’s by choice because I’m not yet ready to commit to anyone at the moment and I don’t feel like it’s the right time for me because my heart is not into it right now.

– GINA, 28

Basically it’s because of the heartaches I’ve been through. It’s really hard to recover from those painful scenarios. So I’d rather be single than having another heart break. I learned my lessons, so for now I’m still waiting for that guy who will love me more than how I love him.

– MAY, 27

There are no faithful guys anymore. Everyone’s just after the benefits they’ll have. I guess being single is better, I feel more independent and can make my own decisions without the need of asking anyone.

– GIA, 26

I’m still single because I chose to. I think I owe it to myself to enjoy my life first before settling down and forever be tied to someone, although it would be great to be tied to someone that I truly love and willing to share the rest of my life with, in God’s perfect time. Many may say that at my age I should be 1st in line to get hitched and if circumstances were different, I would have agreed. However, my life has been full of limitations due to some unfavorable events in the past and it hindered me to enjoy and explore what life has to offer. It’s just now that I’m in control of my life and I deserve to live it the way I want to.

– ANE, 31

I’m still single because I’m a big believer of true love and happy ending. I chose my fate to decide for me.

– RIA, 27

Being single is my choice. Reasons? I’m still young, the freedom, stress-free, and less responsibility. But of course I’m still waiting for the right time to be with my better half in God’s perfect plan.

– CHELY, 28

I just got out of a relationship, not the worst but kind of weak. Yes, it’s by choice that I’m single. Just keeping busy with my career, lots of ‘yolo’ activities and quality time with family and friends.

– RAINE, 23

Apparently, lots of my friends are now committed to bf-gf relationship kind of thing, which in my case I have no interest with. Actually, I’ve been to relationships before. I was young and vulnerable then. I’ve got to experience different levels of heartache, from moderate to intense pain I couldn’t imagine to endure. All those crazy ideas about love and stuff really hit me. There are greater things in life that are much more worthy. Lesson learned so being single is my choice. I’m not into commitment yet. I’ll get there but for now, it’s not a priority. I want to grow as an individual at the same time enjoy all the advantages of being single.

– ROSE, 23

My answer? It’s simple, I’m still setting my priorities straight and enjoying life while waiting for that someone who can light up the fire.




I’m expressing my gratitude to the women who participated, you know who you are! 🙂



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Names of the participants have been changed to protect their identity.

6 Comments on Reasons we’re Single (from the Women’s Perspective)

  1. Zarah d zabanal
    October 6 at 6:45 PM (3 years ago)

    I’m 42 and single …. Before during my teenage years i stay away from stuff like having crush , flirting etc its just not me cause my focus then was study study study ( partly because i don’t want my father to get mad at me or brand me as malandi or even compare me with my other siblings who never get into a bf thing while studying and they graduated and work ) … Culminating from college in my mid 20s … I push through taking up medicine so my motto still was study study study i have to graduate and pass the board… So i finally made it … In my early 30’s come residency training … I am now earning but my elder siblings one by one in their mid and late 30’s got married … So i together with my other 2 single siblings was left with our parents who are now in their seniors years … So my focus then was work work work and its my time to help..( during those times i guess it was fate why i am single cause not even one dare to court me or maybe because i’m not friendly then). Now both my parents were gone .. i have all the time… I know that at this moment i will chose to be single because 1. I am at my early 40’s and its already late to start a family 2. I think i am used to being single and i fear to get into another stage in life like being a wife or a mother 3. I fear growing old , i and i know that if i have a child/ren then i have to ask God to give me a long life for them 4. Lastly maybe because i just don’t know how to love …… Fate or a choice … I think they are just the same … It is after all God’s will …

    • Karlly
      October 6 at 8:00 PM (3 years ago)

      Ms. Zarah, thank you for having some time to read and comment about this article. Anyway, may it be fate or choice, I think love will come at the right place and time. It’s never too late for it, since love knows no age or boundaries. 🙂

  2. ahmed
    October 10 at 1:41 PM (3 years ago)

    Hey ladies
    I was curious about your article and it was realy so interesting to read different opinions and I would like to add one more opinion but from a guy point of view .
    In my opinion our life is choices and every choice lead us to a different area of life .. I meant to say ” it’s us who creates our happiness or sadness through our choices ” ,and to make the right choice u have to know first what you realy want .. so do ladies know what they want ? .. If I ask any lady what u prefer to eat healthy food or junk food and sweets? She will reply with confident “healthy food” but let’s see what she realy love to eat ” french frize , chocolates and ice cream “.. so ladies you have to start to eat healthy food and not anything which u just love to eat and I promise you will not have “heartache” any more 😉

    • Karlly
      October 10 at 2:19 PM (3 years ago)

      Ahmed thanks for the time to read this. We do respect your opinion. Anyway, you have to stay tune for the “Men’s Point of View” that I’ll post very soon 😉
      – A

      • ahmed
        October 10 at 2:36 PM (3 years ago)

        Thanks for giving the space and iam looking forward to read about ” men’s point of view ” 🙂

        • Karlly
          October 10 at 2:39 PM (3 years ago)

          Then you should subscribe for future posts 🙂


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