What’s on the Table? – The Atelier Art Cafe

The Atelier Art Cafe located at The Pearl opened eight months ago according to our server Allan who assisted us when we went there last Thursday (2nd October).


Since we do not hang out in The Pearl we were not aware that this place even existed. We were just hopping from shop to shop and eventually got hungry. We saw this place and it piqued our interest so we headed on over to the outdoor seating area and Allan immediately came to give us their menu (both on ipad & hard bound) and took our orders.

IMG_6232 IMG_6231


I (Karen) asked Allan what their best seller is from the main course selection and he suggested I try the mini burgers. Allyson ordered an iced latte and the Nutella Explosion from the dessert section.

Even with customers inside the restaurant it did not take a long time for the food to be served. We got our meals around 10 minutes after placing the orders. It was really surprising!

The mini burgers were served on a black platter with some golden crisp fries on the side. The burgers were in soft buns that had a slice of tomato, lettuce & pickles. It was hot, tasty, delicious and meaty. Definitely deserves to be called one of the best sellers!

I (Allyson) gave the Nutella Explosion a try. A chocolate cake surrounded by melted Nutella and topped with Vanilla ice cream. My taste buds did  explode.  I assumed it would be to0 sweet but the ensemble gave the perfect blend of sweetness.

IMG_6245 IMG_6237

So after devouring what was served we headed inside the restaurant itself to see the interiors. Once you enter, the place is like a painter’s den mixed with a funky vibe hence the name of the Cafe. You could see wooden tables, leather couches and chairs with delicate carvings. Situated at the middle of the cafe is their kitchen and beside it is the bar.

IMG_6250 IMG_6247 IMG_6248 IMG_6263 IMG_6253

If you are around the area, definitely try them out! We give them a rating of (4 / 5)



Additional notes:


  1. Great for families or social meet ups
  2. Really fast service & attentive staff (even when seated outside)
  3. Detailed menu which makes it easy to comprehend


  1. Location – a bit far and the restaurant is situated in between shops so it is not easily seen

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atelierWaterfront, Porto Arabia
The Pearl Qatar
+974 44696910

2 Comments on What’s on the Table? – The Atelier Art Cafe

  1. Nitoysky
    October 10 at 2:34 PM (3 years ago)

    Is the food worth the price??

    • Karlly
      October 10 at 2:36 PM (3 years ago)

      The food is okay, could be better but this resto is a bit pricey. 🙂


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