Worth it or not? – Novo Cinema 7 Star

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So last Thursday, Allyson & I together with our moms and my sister (yup, it was a family affair) went to watch Dracula Untold at Novo Cinema’s 7 star theater.

We purchased our tickets online through the Novo Cinema website and did not encounter any problems claiming them at the ticket counter. The staff directed us to an exclusive lounge going to the 7-star cinema where you will immediately see sofas that you can sit on while waiting for the cinema to open.


This area houses its own designated concession that you can buy your food/drinks at in advance or you also have the option to wait until you get seated inside the cinema where an Ipad mini is available that has a list of various food items or drinks that you can avail of.


You can order and pay (by cash or credit card option) for your desired snacks by using the Ipad. Once you have placed your order an employee will approach you to collect your payment and right after a few minutes they will serve your order at the comfort of your seat. If in case in the middle of the movie you still feel starved, just order again through the Ipad. No fuss, no need to get up and walk out to buy at the concession.


As soon as we entered the theater, our eyes immediately saw red almost La-Z-Boy like seats that had its own rotatable tray, mini Ipad and touch screen recliner buttons. A blanket & a small pillow were available per seat, you know, just in case you feel chilly.




IMG-20141016-WA0001 IMG-20141016-WA0007 IMG-20141011-WA0030

We were all in awe.

Now here is the big question, is the QAR 150 price worth it???

For us, it is, IF you are going to watch a really long movie like The Hobbit for example. For such long movies, you should not sacrifice your comfort, plus the option of having your snacks delivered is great as well.

Of course there is a downside too, like if you decide to order your food through the Ipad when the movie has started, your movie gets a bit disrupted once the snacks are delivered to you.

Otherwise, we think it is definitely worth a try.




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 Medina Centrale
The Pearl Qatar Doha
Tel: +974 44185736
Website: http://www.novocinemas.com

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