Men’s Point of View: Reasons She’s Still Single

If you read my previous post, I asked girls about the reasons why they are still uncommitted. This time, I get to hear what the guys have to say about the women they know who are still single. Of course I’m here to share them all to you.


According to my experience, with most girls, they’re more on the wealthy and good looking guys which is very shallow in my opinion. Because girls have so many dreams and different styles of fashion that they want to achieve before it’s too late, and who’s better than a dreamy prince who’s riding a Ferrari to do that? They are not spending time knowing each other or letting the chemistry flow naturally and smoothly.

 – Amr, 28, Syria

Because they have high standards. Guys get intimidated by them.

– Jake, 22, Philippines

I think that’s because she is too perfect herself and she demands very high of her partner. She has set a very high bar that no guy has been able to meet.

– Patrik, 28, UK

My objective point of view from my experience – waiting for the right man and right time; afraid to take chances and fall in love with the wrong person; afraid to say yes to going out just to try it out; society and cultural norms; family; lack of self confidence; had her heart broken so many times – all men are pigs by now; suffered a trauma when she was young; and she probably works too much.

– G, 30, Europe

I have my own saying, “Love happens one-sidedly.” One side is the lover, other side is the receiver. Lover always loses though. Receiver takes attention from lover until it becomes boring so the receiver will want attention from others. You only love someone who challenges you and the one who challenges you will never love you. Ironic.

– Kurt, 31, Turkey

There is no specific answer to that question and reasons may vary from person to person. But if I have to sum it all up in one sentence, then I’d say they chose to be single. Now that choice is strongly influenced by the experiences from previous relationships or by being very picky or in some cases due to low self-esteem. For sure there are many other reasons but in my opinion, the answer to that question lies within each woman.

– Ark, 28, Brazil

The girl might be single for more than a hundred reasons. Probably she has a horrible character, she can’t find someone that gets her or she has very high standards.

– SinZ, 28, Lebanon

Sometimes girls are too picky, there are not many good men outside these days. Sometimes you just cannot catch the chemistry.

– Emre, 26, Turkey

They chose to be single until now because she can’t leave her happy adventurous life, feeling free on what she wants to do, no restrictions on where she chooses to go may it be nightlife or out of town and her lust of the trendy life like having the latest gadgets and fashions. She’s afraid to change her lifestyle being single.

– Rencie, Philippines

They want to enjoy their life being single before getting into a relationship or they’re waiting for true love or maybe they are just too picky. Women don’t last long in a relationship because they are always looking for a better man. They always tend to compare their ex’s with their present boyfriend.

– Mon, Philippines


So ladies, what do you think? Did they get it right? Are we on the same page?


Allyson 🙂



Thank you to all the men who contributed to this article. You know who you are. Cheers!


3 Comments on Men’s Point of View: Reasons She’s Still Single

  1. Nitoy of Earth
    October 21 at 6:59 PM (3 years ago)

    statistics is as follows:

    35% – looking for their “perfect guy” regardless of his social status
    20% – looking for a guy the can give them security in life (damn the Ferrari guy)
    15% – currently enjoying a life with no commitment
    13% – unable to be with a partner due to the previous traumatic relationship
    10% – in love but unfortunately their “prince charming” doesn’t know they exist
    7% – don’t want guys

    Ladies will always be picky when it comes to choosing a partner, can’t blame them, it’s their life. It’s their happiness. And most would simply wait for Mr. Right than living with regrets with Mr. Wrong.

    To simplify i will quote a line from a song ” . . and it’s hard to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along . . . ” which i think is the belief of most single human species of the female gender

    • Karlly
      October 21 at 10:38 PM (3 years ago)

      There’s nothing more I could add to that @Nitoy. Very well said. 🙂

  2. BabyPhail
    October 22 at 4:53 AM (3 years ago)

    Reasons I think ladies stay single.

    1. Enjoying the single life.
    2. Focused on their career.
    3. Damaged from previous relationship.
    4. Picky in physical appearance.
    5. Picky in social status.
    6. Standards are too high for us mortals.

    In other words, their life their choice. Nothing wrong with that. But life waits for no one. To quote a famous writer.
    “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” – Paul McCartny


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