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So we usually don’t hang out at The Pearl area for the sole reason that it is a bit far from where we both live but somehow we find ourselves hanging out there more than once.

A few weeks ago, I dragged Allyson to Villaggio for shopping but decided to leave early and go on over The Pearl instead since the mall was just full of people and we weren’t in the mood to walk around bumping into anyone.

We got to The Pearl famished and I wanted to try a new restaurant so I asked Allyson to search for good ones that we both have not been to. In the search result appeared the name Junko which is a Japanese dining establishment located at the Waterfront of Porto Arabia. With little knowledge about the food or menu we tapped into our adventurous side and went ahead the restaurant which mostly had dim lighting and a very high ceiling. It did not feel cozy to me (Karen), unfortunately.


IMG_6283 IMG_6282

The host welcomed us and pointed us to an available table but we sat ourselves at the sushi bar. Menus were provided to us both on ipad and hard bound copies. Upon inspection of the menu, we both agreed to order some of their sushi rolls (Crab sushi roll, Tropical sushi roll and Spicy Salmon sushi roll).





The place was not busy so as you would expect, service was really quick. Drinks were served first and the sushi rolls followed.

We were really surprised that the place was unfamiliar to us and we were discussing the possible reasons why we have not heard of it before since the food was good and service was quick. Interiors were clean and staff were really attentive.

We were also able to meet the owner, Mrs. Junko Nanri, who went around the restaurant in a traditional kimono. She was gracious enough to have her picture taken with us.


If you do not mind the long drive or if you are close by The Pearl, we recommend you visit them and have a taste of their food.

For us, we give this place (3.8 / 5) stars.



Here’s a few more notes:


  1. Good authentic Japanese food
  2. Quick Service
  3. Clean indoor & outdoor area
  4. Quiet area
  5. Clean toilets


  1. Location – A bit far and if you do not know your way around The Pearl, it may be hard for you to find them
  2. Not much hype about the restaurant

Disclaimer: http://lifewithkarlly.com/disclaimer/

 Address: The Pearl Qatar, Parcel 7, Waterfront Porto Arabia
Tel: +974 40028294
Website: http://www.junko.qa

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