Allyson, what’s in your bag?

Okay, after Karen showed you the contents of her bag, I think I’m obliged to do it as well.

You know what they say, balls are to men what purses are to women. I can’t leave the house without my bag! I’m the kind of person who switches totes every time depending on my mood, not really a good attitude since I tend to forget things when I do that. I ended up narrowing down things that I should just carry everyday. I personally think you could know the owner’s personality depending on what they have in their bag.

So here’s what I carry everyday.


I’m currently using Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Ebene Damier Canvass. Since it has no divider, I have a bag organizer to keep my things intact.


1. Wallet – An essential. It holds up my cash, important cards and receipts.


2. Make-up Kit – My life-saver lol. I think I should do a “What’s in your make-up kit?” version.


3. Gum/ Candy – Hygiene is a must, if you know what I mean 😉

4. Pens / Highlighter – you don’t know when/where you’ll need it, but in my line of field, it’s a necessity.

5. Mini notebook – I tend to forget things, I should always have something to write on.

6. Company ID with TLD – Personal identification of course. The TLD is something work-related.

7. Keys – Another stuff for work.


8. Wet wipes/ Pocket tissue – Again, hygienic purposes.


9. Perfume – A must everywhere, everytime! Unlike Karen, I only bring these two 😉


11. Bobby pins/ Hair tie – I always wear my hair up at work and when I feel hot. Saves me from hair hang-ups!


12. Lotions – If Karen is a perfume hoarder, I stock lotions. I wash my hands every time at work and I don’t want them drying up.


13. Book/Comics – You never know when you’ll have some downtime. Forgive me, but I’m back to reading my childhood love (Archie). haha!:)

14. Earphones


15. Sunglasses – An everyday statement. I’m an aviators fan.


16. Rosary – Mom’s gift. I just feel incomplete without it.


17. Cellphone – Hello? Who doesn’t own one?


Not to sound nosy, but what’s your everyday must-haves? Feel free to share. Give me your links below 🙂


Allyson 🙂


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