Sweet Escape: The Ritz-Carlton Doha

I (Karen) have heard such good reviews about The Ritz-Carlton Doha hotel – especially regarding their facilities – from some friends of mine so I urged Allyson to come with me and check-in for an overnight stay last June.



Upon our arrival at the hotel, valet staff assisted us with our car and luggage. Check-in was a breeze with no hassle but operating the elevator to get to our room was really a struggle. When you enter the elevator you have to insert your key card into a card slot and press the floor number to where you are headed. We are not certain as to why we faced such difficulty and after numerous attempts of inserting our key card, the card slot was not reading it properly and ultimately denied it. We had to ask for assistance from a bellhop in order to access our floor or ask other guests for help too.

I (Karen) was not really blown away once we entered our room but Allyson seemed fine with it. It may not be fair but I was comparing it to the room we had at The St. Regis Doha. The room provided to us during our stay was spacious and had an enormous floor to ceiling window. It had a balcony and offered the view of The Pearl Qatar, their outdoor pool and the sea. The closet was small and did not offer much space but it was just right to fit our clothes / belongings. The bathroom was a considerable size which had a bath tub, separate shower and toilet plus a vanity area. Towels provided were just enough for the overnight stay and same goes for the toiletries.


We did not waste much time so we decided to head to the indoor as well as outdoor pool and check out other facilities available like the Jacuzzi. They have other amenities to keep you entertained as well like their spa, gym, tennis court, etc.

We first went to inspect the indoor pool which was huge but we did not stay long since the water was really cold almost to the point of freezing temperature so we moved outdoors where the water was tolerable. When they closed the outdoor pool we chose to go to their spa area where the Jacuzzi was and it was really great timing since nobody was there. We had this massive area all to ourselves where we were able to enjoy and just lounge / chat for a while.

Usually, in the evening, we go out of the hotel for a late night out and this day was no exception. After our very late night we returned to the hotel and there was no valet service so we had to park our car by ourselves in the public parking area and we had to walk going back to the hotel. This was a disappointment since we initially expected 24-hour valet service.

The next day, for breakfast, we made our way to their Lagoon restaurant where they offered a mix of different breakfast food items like the usual eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc. We enjoyed what they offered and we ate until we were stuffed.


Upon check-out we requested for a bellhop to assist us but nobody was available instantly so we experienced some delay. We’re not sure if it was due to numerous guests checking out all at the same time or just shortage of staff.

I (Karen) have to be brutally honest about my feedback regarding the hotel. I really had high hopes for this place since comments from friends were good and online reviews stated the same but this hotel did not do much for me. The fact that I had to park my own car during the wee hours of the next morning was bad enough for me since this is a 5-star hotel so I expected at least for the valet to be available 24/7. I also dislike the fact that we had to wait around 30 – 40 minutes to check-out. So for my experience at this place, I will give it a 3.5.

I’ll (Allyson) give the Ritz a 3.8 out of 5 and the only two reasons for these are first, the hang-ups we experienced with the elevator and second, the valet parking. Nonetheless, I liked our room and the view from it, the breakfast buffet and their facilities.

With our combined ratings, the overall is (3.7 / 5)



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The Ritz-Carlton Doha
West Bay Lagoon, Doha, Qatar
+974 4484 8000


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