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Are you familiar with charm bracelets? It’s basically a bracelet with charms that indicate important things to the owner (at least for me).

I own a charm bracelet which started because I learned about the brand “Pandora”. The brand which is very successful today was founded in 1982 in Denmark.

They offer high quality jewelry products that encourage women to create their own personal look to express their uniqueness and use their products to tell their own stories.

I especially prefer their charms since there is a wide variety to choose from and it is a way for me to commemorate a certain event that took place in my life or to indicate the things that I hold dear to my heart. I started with just one charm but it grew since it’s addicting to collect all the designs they put out.

Here’s a look at my current Pandora Charm Bracelet.


It started with the “CAT” charm because I am part Chinese and most Chinese believe that a waving cat can bring you good luck.

It was followed by the “PASSPORT” charm to signify that exploring new places and cultures is one of my passions in life.


The collection of charms slowly grew with the following:

“FAMILY” because this is my priority in life. Above all else, God & family will come first in my life.

“K” was a gift from my god-mother and it is a no-brainer, K for Karen.

“CASTLE” which Allyson and I got together as a sign of the friendship we share and for us it means that we are “Queens of our Castles”.



Last but not the least, the two clips (serpent & floral) at both ends of the charms section are gifts from my sister last Christmas. The clips serve as barriers in order for the charms to stay in place.

Love always,

Karen <3

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