EDM is my drug

Have you ever felt like you’re lost into oblivion when you hear a song? (Well I meant that in a good way.) I love dancing as well as I love music. My picks are usually mainstream from RnB, Hiphop to Pop but late last year I started appreciating Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and up to now I think I fell in love with it. Whenever I hear songs like these, it just uplifts my mood and I’m blown away.

Not that I can’t appreciate other genres anymore, I’m simply saying that I’m addicted to EDMs recently.

Here are some of the eargasmic tracks I’ve been playing non-stop. I’m pretty sure you know some of these. Try to listen to it and let me know if it gets you in the mood like me.

I hope you had fun listening. If there are any awesome edm tracks you want me to listen to, just comment below.


Allyson 🙂

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