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Last night after work I met up with Allyson for the last time before she flies out of the country for her much needed vacation (insert sobbing emoticon) which honestly makes me so sad since she will be gone for more than a month. She leaves this week, on Thursday to be exact, and I feel like I will be so lost and incomplete once she has boarded that Qatar Airways plane but I do not want to think about myself only and I hope she will have the best time of her life when she lands in the Philippines even if I’m not going to be with her.

So anyway, enough with the drama, out of curiosity (plus I wanted to reminisce too) I asked Allyson her top 5 unforgettable moments that we have shared during the course of our friendship and I spilled my top choices with her as well. See, you have to understand that we have known each other for such a long time (literally!) and it was only in the year 2006 that we really started to connect at a much deeper level eventually getting to the point of being best friends. During that year we found out that we were alike in every aspect, almost like twins, so we called each other “kambal” (which translates to twin in English) as a term of endearment. We liked the same things and had similar ideas when it comes to fun and travel so we instantly clicked and the rest is history. Even when we went through our own troubles/problems, one of us would instantly try to cheer up the other.

DSC05205Ok, I’ve noticed that I have moved away from the main topic so in order to avoid this let us just proceed to the point and to keep the blog post short, I will share with you guys our top 3 unforgettable moments instead:

Our top 1 was our Pasig-Pampanga-Bulacan-Manila-Pasig spur of the moment trip which happened in the year 2006. It was really fun and truly memorable for us since we did it on a whim plus we only used public transportation to get to our destinations. It was a time where we could not spend our time apart. It was just awesome.

DSC00938Second for me was when we trekked up Mt. Pinatubo in the year 2009. For this trip we had the option to ride a 4×4 and get close to the peak of the mountain and trek a few meters instead of doing the trek from the bottom. Allyson insisted that we try the trek rather than going for the 4×4 since it was our first time. I tried to put my hand down but she won the battle so we trekked and trekked and trekked and trekked and got tired but trekked and trekked and trekked some more until we reached the top. I am not exaggerating here when I say that I felt my body was about to shut down because of extreme exhaustion since I did not prepare for the trek at all. Thankfully I forgot about my aching body when I saw the magnificent view of the crater. I will never ever forget this experience because it was at this trip that I almost wanted to bite off Allyson’s head (hahahahaha) for being so hard headed about the trek plus she was the reason why my body was sore for the whole week. Allyson told me her second favorite memory was when she was helping a then suitor of mine to surprise me with a bouquet filled with blue (my favorite color) flowers while I was having dinner at Burgoo with my college friends in the year 2006. She felt the rush of trying to pull off the surprise successfully.

IMG-20141107-WA0008The last but not the least for me was when Allyson decided to come to Qatar in 2011 to pursue a career in radiology. We’ve been apart for 5 years when she came here and we only saw each other when I went for my annual vacation to the Philippines, so how we managed to keep our friendship so strong while we were apart baffles me. It felt good to know that we were going to be able to spend our time together again and hang out while having fun. As for her, the third one that made her list was when we had a fight (which I do not recall anymore) about something. Now what that something was, she also forgot but as you can see we made up and still are best of friends.

This is the testament of how our friendship really matters to us. We forgive each other quickly and forget about the instances that made us argue or fight.

Truly I am thankful that I have a friend who is and will be with me through everything and we have proved that not just to ourselves but to each other as well.

I wish you get a chance to meet someone and build a friendship that will last a lifetime!


Karen <3


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