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If I walk outside without lipstick, I feel naked.

Whenever I go to the mall I always drop by Sephora, MAC or any drugtsore that sells lippies. These vibrant lip crayons just keep calling my name. I actually have more than 21 but I gave up some to my mom and friends because I later realized that some of the colors just don’t suit me. I highly recommend the MAC bullets above all the lipsticks I have in my collection.

I’ve categorized my collection into five hues as you will see below.



I don’t know why these swatches look light in the picture. :/

Anyway, these are my Dark toned lippies. I usually use these at night and moments where I want to look fierce and edgy. They are winter season appropriate shades and I’m pretty sure that you’ll still be a head-turner even in your most plain outfit if you apply these on.

From L-R:

  1. MAC Hot Tahiti – Deep rose. Soft on lips. Doesn’t go too dark on my skin tone.
  2. MAC Dark Side – Pigmented maroon shade. Bold. Lip amplifier.
  3. MAC Capricious – Sheer plum. Great texture. Shiny.
  4. MAC Diva – One of my faves, my lips stand out with this. Dark berry. Just put this on and you’re good to go. Intense and very edgy.




I’m not really into corals but these shades are pretty good on me. These are perfect during summer. Simple and girly.

From L- R:

  1. Inglot 103 – Got this as a gift. Bright and bold. Orange-red. This lipstick bleeds and tends to dry my lips.
  2. MaxFactor Orange Shine – Apricot orange. Shiny. Doesn’t last long.
  3. MAC Ravishing – Soft coral. Sometimes this looks good on me but there are moments that I look pale while using it. Quite dry.




As we all know pink is very chic and feminine. A great day to day lip wear. I have several pinks but you’ll notice that I don’t have the Barbie pink since it’s really unflattering on my skin tone.

From L – R:

  1. Givenchy Rose Dressing – Creamy and sheer. A coral with pink undertone.
  2. Revlon ColorBurst Lovesick – Incredibly lightweight and moisturizing. Bright pink.
  3. Rouge Dior Baume #688 Diorette – This is more like a balm. Soft pink. Hydrating. Very light.
  4. Dior Fluid Stick Vertigo – A dark sexy pink lip stain. Doesn’t last long. Shiny.
  5. MAC Crosswires – On my skin tone it appears to be salmon-pink. Not long lasting. Looks good if you’re tan.
  6. Revlon ColorBurst Sweetheart – Lighter than Revlon Lovesick.




Since I have dark lips, I’m not really a fan of light ones but these four sticks changed the way I feel about neutrals.

From L – R:

  1. MAC Hot Gossip – Nude with a pink undertone. Shiny and hydrating. Lasts long. Good for everyday use.
  2. MAC Jubilee – The nude of all nudes. Others say I look sick when I wear this but definitely the perfect nude in my opinion. It just gives me the neutral, moist-looking lips.
  3. MAC Cosmo – Obviously, this is my everyday shade. It’s brown with hints of pink. A versatile color so this will probably go well with any skin tone.
  4. MaxFactor Pearl Maron – It’s light and shiny. Close to salmon pink. Sad part, it gives me a chapped-lips look .




Red is hot. If only I could wear red everyday, I would. But because of my job, I can’t. You can never go wrong with these swatches.

From L – R:

  1. MAC M.A.C Red – This goes smoothly. Bright red. It stays for ages.
  2. MAC Ruby Woo – One of my favorites. It just gives me the vintage, Marilyn Monroe lips. Classy. The perfect red for me. It’s drying so I suggest to wear a primer or lip balm before applying.
  3. MAC Russian Red – Sexy bloody red. Smooth, shiny and I’ll say this again, it’s sexy.
  4. MaxFactor Ruby Tuesday – The drugstore version of Ruby Woo but lighter. This one isn’t drying though.

I’m not a make-up artist but what’s not to love with those vibrant colors right? I hope this post can help you decide on what to add on your collection. Let me know your favorite lippy!


Allyson 🙂


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