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Have you ever heard of Tinder? You must be living under a rock if you haven’t! So what is Tinder?

According to Wikipedia:

Tinder is a matchmaking mobile application. Using GPS technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance.


Though I did not conform to this ongoing trend of “online dating”, a friend of mine (who will be left anonymous for her own protection) downloaded this app on her iPhone because her friend recommended it to her. On the same night after downloading the app, she managed to get numerous matches but only two guys sent her a message that time. The first guy who we will call Dave (not his real name) sent her a message that same night and the second guy who we will call Bob (also not his real name) sent her a message the next morning. Dave was from the Netherlands and was only on vacation in Doha for a few weeks. Bob was also from Netherlands but moved to Doha to teach mixed martial arts at an upcoming company.


Both Dave & Bob stated in their messages that they wanted to meet my friend over some drinks and she could pick the place. She accepted Dave’s invitation and decided to decline Bob’s. On that night of the tinder date with Dave she asked me to join her because Dave told her that his friend wanted to come. At first I was hesitant to go with her because she did not disclose the full details of how she met the guy and everything but eventually she told me about it when we were on our way to the agreed meeting place. We managed to arrive earlier than expected so we waited for Dave and his friend. While waiting for them, Bob was also communicating with my friend. So they messaged each other while Dave was on the way and she noticed that Bob was dropping hints of passing by the place where we were supposed to meet Dave. It was all so nerve wracking yet so funny and smelled so fishy that my friend actually thought that maybe Dave & Bob were friends and were messing with her head. Dave messaged her and told her that he was already at the meeting place and who did we find standing next to him? It was Bob! Her guess was correct after all. Indeed! Dave & Bob were friends since they were children and both of them found out that they were both messaging my friend that morning.


We were drinking, sharing stories & laughing the whole time about this Tinder incident. It was fun and exciting to hear their stories and share loads of laughs. We ended the night on a good note.


You would think that after all the fun we had that I would be a convert but no, well not at this moment anyway. Though I think that Tinder is a good way to meet people/potential friends and not only potential partners. What is there to lose? It is okay to put yourself out there and take a chance.


Karen <3


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