What’s on the Table? – Burger Gourmet

Warning, not your typical burger joint!


Located at the Lagoona Mall is a hidden den of luxury burgers. Yes, you read that right. Luxury! You’ll know why as you keep reading.

The only reason we found out about this place was because Karen got a voucher from her colleague at work so we gave it a try.

As we entered, the place gave us a relaxing vibe. The interiors were cozy and chic for a burger joint. Plain white wooden tables are paired with chairs and couches that had intricate designs. They used color-changing lights to brighten up the place but I was not really pleased with it.

The server made us choose where to sit and immediately handed us the menu. The menu selection was mostly the burgers, though side dishes and desserts were also offered. You can actually choose your own patty, whether Angus or Wagyu, your choice.


In less than 10 or 15 minutes, our orders were served. How quick was that?

I (Allyson) ordered Mozarella Cheesticks for starters and a Classic American Burger with watermelon juice. This is what really got me, the plating! Our food was very-well presented that you would find it hard to touch. I loved that the patty was not dry, buns were soft and even the side dish was rich in flavor. The whole order filled me up easily. Burp!



I (Karen) decided to go with the trio mushroom burger which came with fries, coleslaw and deep fried mushrooms. I agree with Allyson that the presentation was really creative but I must say that the taste of the burger did not live up to how it was plated. The taste was just average, nothing mind blowing. Serving size was big but other than that I cannot see any other reason why it should be so pricey. In short, I was a bit disappointed.


All in all, we give Burger Gourmet a (3.5 / 5). Why you ask? Well, since they call themselves a place offering Luxury Burgers, price is totally expensive but value for money was not worth it. As for the food, we think they can still improve on taste (which we hope they do improve on). The food should be worth the price in which this case it was not, so we were not impressed at all. If they expect their customers to shell out some serious cash then they should make sure that their burger patties are really succulent.

Our total bill for two was almost QAR 300 but since we had the voucher, we only paid around QAR 170.



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  • Toilet is available inside.
  • Quiet place
  • Quick service


  • Pricey
  • Place is quite small for group meetings
  • Lighting can make you a bit dizzy
  • Location is not visible to the public

P-14, Piazza Court, Lagoona Mall ,, Doha, Qatar Dawhat Al Qatar, Ad Dawhah, Qatar
Contact No. 44936368/ 33655300

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