LOVIN’: Perfume – Karen’s Collection

Since Allyson has already shared her perfume collection, thought I’d share mine too. 🙂

Yup, I like to smell good but who doesn’t?

I call myself a perfume hoarder since I currently have so much scents. I do not necessarily collect them but I just have so much that it turned into a mini collection.

Here’s what I have right now which I intend to use up.


From right to left:

  1. Womanity by Thierry Mugler – a gift from my brother
  2. No. 5 by Chanel – Though they say it is a grandma scent, I actually do not mind and still like to use this one.
  3. Deep Red by Hugo Boss – I have used up half of this already and I normally like to use it for night outs since it has a very powerful smell to it. The name “Deep Red” exactly fits the scent.
  4. L’imperatrice by D&G – This is such a hard scent to find since it is very light and can be used on a daily basis which I think is the reason why it’s always sold out.
  5. Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel – This is by far is my favorite perfume and right now I am trying to finish it so I can give my other perfumes a chance.


From right to left:

  1. Elixr by Escada – a gift from Allyson. It is a light & sweet scent which I may use during the day time. I haven’t sprayed/used it yet since I am trying to finish my old scents.
  2. Premiere by Gucci – I cannot describe the scent of this perfume but it can be used during the day or night. It’s a flexible scent.
  3. Fantasy by Britney Spears – It’s my sister’s perfume but she doesn’t want to use it anymore so I am using it. Really sweet, floral & flirty.
  4. Fan di Fendi by Fendi – It is a fruity floral scent which my mom gave me.
  5. Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci – I might use this during the evening since it is a heavy scent for daytime.


From right to left:

  1. Flora by Gucci – This is in Glorious Magnolia. As the name suggests, it is a light weight floral perfume which is perfect for daily use.
  2. Lola by Marc Jacobs – It is a floral scent too which was also from my mom.

What scent are you currently using or obsessed with? Let us know by tagging us on instagram (@lifewithkarlly) so it will be easy for us to locate 🙂


Love always,

Karen <3

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