What’s on the Table? – “Mussel Madness” at The Belgian Cafe

Have you been to The Belgian Café at the Intercontinental? Well I (Karen) haven’t been there but Allyson has checked them out a few times already. We saw that they had a “Mussel Madness” offer every Saturday and we thought this would be a great chance for both of us to try this offer out. We decided to go there a few nights ago and the place was packed surprisingly.


We both placed an order for their mussels and I (Karen) asked them to prepare mine in provencale sauce and Allyson opted for hers to be cooked in pesto sauce. While waiting for our main dishes to be served, they gave us complimentary freshly baked bread and butter to munch on.


The mussels were served with thick cut slightly salted potato fries and mayo-garlic dip on the side with a glass of cold beer of your choice.

IMG_8888 IMG_8893 IMG_8887

Though the place was filled we got our orders fairly quick and we were satisfied with how everything was cooked and served.

We liked how everything tasted and we really enjoyed the “Mussel Madness” offer so we might head on over there again.

If you are not familiar with them and you want to try them out but do not want to shell out too much cash, we suggest you try this offer so you can gauge whether or not you would go there a second time. The offer is for QAR 99.00 only (roughly around USD 27.00-28.00) which I think is fair enough for what you are getting.


Lastly, we would like to thank our server that night, Swe, for being too friendly and accommodating.


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InterContinental Hotel Doha
West Bay, Doha Qatar
Tel: +974 44844444

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