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I’ve been wanting to own a charm bracelet since I was in college but I couldn’t find the specific bracelet I want. Actually, I got that idea on one of the movies I’ve watched (I forgot the title sorry!) and said to myself I’ll have one too.

I saw one of Karen’s post in Instagram and made me decide to buy one. So Pandora, here I come!

I chose to buy the oxidized bracelet.


And with it, I chose those two “stoppers” since I’m intentionally not filling the bracelet up. I just wanted to occupy the middle space since the color of the bracelet won’t be noticed if it’s full.

My first ever charm was the luggage bag. I love travelling. I just started 2 years ago, and I will not stop until cross out all the places in my bucket list.


The next ones are Lady Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Places I wanted to visit. I could miss Liberty but definitely not Eiffel. Paris, top of my list.

DSC00886 DSC00885

Snake is my Chinese zodiac sign, hence the charm.


I got this envelope charm from a special friend I once had. It was a birthday gift that comes with another bling from Pandora.


Last year, I traveled to Thailand and got this Buddha for a remembrance. Why Buddha? Buddhism is the official religion in Thailand.


And last but not the least, a castle which Karen and I have in common. This stood as our best friend charms. We were actually looking for a crown, since the store don’t have it at that time, we ended up having the castle. Besides, it has a crown carved at the bottom. Castle because we’re the queens ruling our own castle (life) and still waiting for our kings. I still believe in fairy tales and happy ever after. 🙂


The finish product?


It’s not too late to start your own bracelet. Sooner or later you’ll be one of those girls who takes hours at Pandora just to choose a charm. (I’m guilty!) haha 😀

I’ll be starting my second bracelet very soon, and this time I’ll make sure to fill it up!


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