Sweet Escape: W Hotel Doha

Everyone knows about the W! If you don’t, then where have you been?? The W Hotel is rated among the top ten hotels in Doha and this is the reason why we decided to check in for an overnight stay.

So how was it? I have to be brutally honest here, it all started well and ended on a sour note, my (Karen) own opinion of course.

On the day of our check-in, the process took roughly 10-15 minutes to finalize everything though they did offer a welcome drink (which I didn’t try). Key cards were provided to us and as usual (like our St. Regis experience), we had bad luck with our key cards since it was not opening our room door at all. So we headed to the reception again and they reset it but when we went back up, the card failed second time around. Frustrated, we went down once again and had it reset and I guess the third time’s a charm since we were able to finally open our door and enjoy our room.

Our room was spacious, that had an equally huge closet and bathroom. The view was depressing since it looked over a parking area under construction but the room made up for it. Our twin beds were so cozy, covered in crisp white linens and even big enough to fit 2 people. The mini bar was all full of various drinks and snacks. Not only that, they also had on display other “W” branded merchandise like a deflated beach ball, T-shirts, USB, etc. that you could purchase if you wanted some souvenir or gifts.

IMG_5660 IMG_5655

For late lunch / snacks we ordered some room service. A Club Sandwich, Penne Arabiatta, Tiramisu & Chocolate Lava Cake. I especially loved the Tiramisu which wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. Service was a bit long though. Took roughly 50 minutes to an hour almost.


We checked out their facilities too. They had a spa and pool which was rather small though I heard recently that they have plans of expanding this. We ordered some drinks too while lounging near the pool area that refreshed us.


We decided to go to Spice Market for dinner which was absolutely divine! Our server at that time suggested we go for the special set menu which they call the “10 Flavors” that comes with a free bottle of red or white wine depending on your preference. I’m not gonna lie, you will need to spend some serious cash if you go here but the quality of the food & taste is really worth every penny. I was so pleased with everything.


As you know, Allyson & I are party goers so as you would expect we stayed out late until the next morning. We managed to wake up for buffet breakfast at Market. I loved the variety of flavors they had. They were serving International, Arabic & surprisingly some Japanese meals. I ordered some eggs benedict too which were so delicious and cooked very well.

At this point, I was extremely happy with the whole stay. We hit a major problem during the check out though. Initially upon checking in, the hotel automatically deducted from my credit card a deposit of QAR 500 because as mentioned by the Front Desk Agent that was just their standard procedure. I wasn’t asked for permission if I wanted to pay the deposit upfront or just pay for the room because at previous hotels I’ve been at they ask me first for permission about paying for a deposit as well. So I let that slide since the agent informed me that the unused deposit will be returned within 48 hours. When we were checking out, I was charged for the extra I had used up that exceeded the deposit of QR 500 which is acceptable. Upon leaving the hotel and while I was driving I received an SMS from my bank that W again charged me for that extra I already paid for while we were checking out. What I hate most is that they charged me that same amount three times! Of course, I complained and sent an e-mail to W about it. They said money would be returned within 2 days but it didn’t. It took 2 weeks! With that said, I rate the hotel a (3 / 5).

Hope you found this post informative! See you on the next one 🙂


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West Bay, P.O. Box 19573, Zone 61, Street 831, Building 262 – Doha, Qatar



2 Comments on Sweet Escape: W Hotel Doha

  1. John Hackwood
    March 16 at 11:32 PM (3 years ago)

    Nice, honest review. The W does seem a little grasping, shall we say.

    • Karlly
      March 16 at 11:41 PM (3 years ago)

      Hi John 🙂 Yea, sad to say that Karen had to experience that. I hope we caught their attention about their payment system.


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