What’s On The Table? – ForKnife at the Movenpick Tower & Suites

Firstly, I (Karen) want to say sorry since this post is totally long overdue. Last October, during my birthday, as stated in our previous post, we stayed at the Moevenpick Tower & Suites for 2 days (read about it HERE). For one of the nights we were there, we had dinner at their all-day-dining restaurant called “ForKnife” (really cool play on words).




When we went down to the restaurant from our hotel room, I was really surprised at the wonderful spread they had. There was such a great variety of food items that everyone would love. They also had a live cooking station for pasta dishes which you can customize to your liking.



I had so much to eat I was literally so full that I could pass out. It was ridiculous! I tried everything they had which seemed like a good idea at first but ultimately became a bad idea after all because I was feeling a bit sick after.

Staff were really attentive, friendly and hospitable. They were really helpful and quite nice! I liked the ambiance too and the restaurant had a really great view of West Bay.

So for this place we give it (3.7 / 5), because of the great mix of food items plus the ace staff but we believe they can still work on flavor especially for the main courses. We recommend for you to try this place out since the price of the buffet won’t drain your pockets too much.


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ForKnife at the Movenpick Tower & Suites, PO Box 22752 – Doha, Qatar


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