What’s on the Table: Bread and Bagels

We’ve heard of and been to Bread and Bagels previously which is located at the Beach Tower in the West Bay area.


We went here a couple of weeks ago to provide you with our honest opinion about the place though this was not our first time. We love it here because of the good food they offer at  reasonable prices.

Ambiance/appearance of the restaurant is nothing exciting but it does not really bother us since they have comfortable sofas to sit on plus what’s essential nowadays, which is free wi-fi!


For food, our all-time favorite is their All American Gourmet Pizza and the Banoffee Pie since the latter is not too sweet and really a great ender to a filling pizza.



For drinks we tried their Iced Mochaccino and the Cookies & Cream Freezer which were both ok, nothing mind blowing.


As the name suggests, this place offers a variety of sandwiches, bagels and desserts! I (Karen) have tried their bagels before and they are really delicious and heavy on the stomach.


Service here is quick and staff are really polite & swift, though if you are seated outside or at the back end of the restaurant it is hard to get a server’s attention.

For the above points mentioned we rate this place a (3.7 / 5).

Leave us a comment below if you have tried this restaurant before and let us know your thoughts.


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Beach Tower

Diplomatic Street – Doha, Qatar


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