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Last January, Hwang restaurant opened its doors for lunch instead of just opening for dinner. Lunch is served for diners from 12:00PM to 3:00PM and as a way to raise awareness, vouchers were given away to promote the launch. I (Allyson) was fortunate enough to receive a voucher and as always, I invited Karen to join me since it will be the first time for the both of us to try the outlet.

It was past noon by the time we arrived to the outlet a week ago and we were welcomed by their jolly hostess.

As expected the furnishings follow the Asian trend, which is mostly earth colors with a pop of red and yellow. Oriental paintings were hung on the wall and the subdued lighting instantly put us in a relaxing mood. The restaurant was spotless.


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Their menu contains a variety of Asian cuisines mostly influenced by the South-Eastern area of the said continent. We tried the bento box although they serve the normal a la carte and beverages menu. The cost of the bento boxes range from QR75 – QR120 and you have the option to choose one item from three starters, three main courses, and three desserts. Also, it includes noodles or rice depending on your preference and aside from that, the bento boxes come with 3 pieces of complimentary sushi and prawn crackers. The menu changes every two weeks which is great because you will always get variety.


I tried their Avocado Crab Salad for my starter, Chili Shrimp for my main with Japanese Rice and the Green Tea Crème Brûlée combination for my sweet ending. I chose Mint Lemonade as my drink. The salad was refreshing as well as my lemonade and the chili shrimps had the perfect blend of sweetness and spice. I loved that it had that burst of heat and a bouncy bite! The sushi were divine and obviously fresh and not to forget the best on my platter which was the Green Tea Crème Brûlée. It was smooth and the caramel on top was not too sweet. Simply, flawless!


I (Karen) decided to try out the Japanese Salmon Salad for my appetizer, and though I am not a fan of red meat, I just went for it and ordered the Beef Kalbi with Japanese Rice for my main dish. To finish, I asked for the Banana Tempura for dessert and the fresh orange & carrot juice for my beverage. Surprisingly, I loved everything in my bento box even the beef kalbi because it wasn’t hard or rubbery at all but unfortunately, the sauce that came with it got a tad bit salty towards the end. Good thing the banana tempura wasn’t too sweet and soothed my tongue.


With the generous amount of servings we got, it definitely made us full and our cravings were well satisfied.


Honestly, the food presentation was not that appealing but once the food entered our mouths and hit our taste buds, we never stopped chowing down.

The attendants were very well groomed and quick on their feet. They even took time to answer our questions about their menu. Service was fast that we didn’t get bored waiting for our food.

The menu is reasonably priced. Bento Boxes from other restaurants outside of a hotel setting will cost you the same or more. We highly recommend for you to try this establishment out not just because of the food but also for the semi-private dining area that they provide where you plus your friends can really have a calm atmosphere and converse among yourselves.

We rate this place a (4 / 5) because the flavor of the food was really good compared to other similarly priced bento boxes from other restaurants but we believe they can still improve on the food appearance because theirs lacked appeal.

Price for 2 (without the voucher): QR300++




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Location: 1st Floor, Intercontinental the City, Doha, Qatar

Contact No.: +974 4015 8888

Email: doharestaurants@ihg.com 


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