What’s on the Table? – Panorama at The Torch Doha

Bistronomy, what exactly is it? Well our dear readers, PANORAMA, which is a newly opened restaurant at The Torch Doha, has implemented this combination of French bistro with a twist and gastronomy as their concept or theme. It is located at the 50th floor of the said hotel and it has a casual fine dining setting. Panorama offers a breath taking panoramic view of Aspire and the rest of the surrounding areas thus the name of the restaurant (that’s just our assumption though).





We heard about their opening two weeks ago from various social media channels hence we wanted to try it out for ourselves but thanks to our lucky stars, we were invited by their team to dine in and get a chance to savor what they had to offer.

So last Saturday, armed with our cameras, we were ready plus ecstatic to enter the doors of this restaurant though we were not expecting anything.

Upon stepping out of the elevator, we were immediately greeted by Sara, who had a huge smile on her face, and we were escorted to our table. After a few minutes, James, the Head Waiter, came to our table, handed us our menus and gave us some time to read through it and decide what we wanted to have. Since we were not familiar with the menu it was only natural that we asked James what his recommendations were for us. Everything he suggested sounded delicious so we went ahead and ordered what he told us. They served us with some bread and water to munch on to kill time.


We roamed the entire restaurant while our food was being prepared. We loved the ambiance and the simplicity of the outlet. Nothing too fancy but it exuded a luxurious vibe yet very modern at the same time. We were also advised to visit Sky Lounge which is connected to the restaurant by stairs. We climbed up the stairs and were amazed by the setting they had. The lounge had a huge light fixture in the middle which looked like it was from out of this world.




When we returned to our table, we were surprised to see a little serving of foie gras which was a modest yet tasty welcome treat. We were blown away by the flavor packed into that little serving portion. It was truly heaven for our taste buds.


Appetizers soon followed and again, we were impressed by the blend of flavors that were incorporated in each dish. We had the croquettes de poulet (chicken croquettes with lemon, mayonnaise and herb sauce) and the parfait de crevettes et avocat (marinated shrimps, avocado parfait, pomegranate and home-made toasted country bread). Both appetizers were so good and scrumptious that it made us more pumped up to receive our main courses.


Gratin au poulet (chicken pieces, sautéed mushrooms, tomato rings topped with grated emmental and mozzarella) in addition to the crevettes royales a la provencale (King Tiger Prawns with Spanish paprika tomato sauce, saffron rice and vegetable tian) were brought to our table next. We immediately devoured everything even though we were feeling a bit full by that time. We could not put our tableware down due to the fact that both dishes were DELECTABLE. The gratin au poulet was creamy & rich. The prawns were fresh though sad to say, the saffron rice was a little dry.



For our sweet ending we had duo de crème brûlée (black & white creme brulee with vanilla custard and bittersweet chocolate mousse) plus souffle au chocolat (chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream and mixed berry coulis). Even though souffle is one of the most hardest desserts to pull off, they did a great job since they perfectly cooked it. Definitely fluffy & puffed up. The crème brûlée’s rich custard taste and smooth texture made us want to ask for more. Both desserts were undeniably real crowd-pleasers. Not too sweet, just the way we want it.



Our beverages (strawberry & basil mojito + fresh watermelon juice) were refreshing too.



In conclusion, we present this restaurant a perfect score (5 / 5). They truly deserve it! We highly recommend for you guys to check out Panorama. From the ambiance, food, service & staff, they nailed it all and gave us the ultimate dining experience. It is a bit pricey but every penny you will spend here is totally worth it. You will want to come back after your initial visit. We know we do! We definitely plan to dine in again but of course, we will try out the other options they have on their menu.

To the staff, especially Claudia and Jay, we just want to extend our deepest gratitude for the excellent service and friendliness provided during our visit. We commend you for your kindness and the effort to provide your guests with an exemplary experience.



**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post though the opinions stated above are in no way influenced by the sponsorship and are our honest views which were based on our experience.**


Location: 50th Floor, The Torch Doha, PO Box 23833, Doha – Qatar

Contact No.: +974 4446 5600

Email: reservation@thetorchdoha.com 


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