The Best Friend Tag

If you’re a new reader of our blog then you wouldn’t know that we have been best friends since like FOREVER!

So in an effort for our loyal readers plus our new ones to get to know us better, we decided to do the best friend tag for you guys 🙂 Click the video below and we hope you enjoy!



2 Comments on The Best Friend Tag

  1. Lou-Ann
    May 6 at 12:38 AM (3 years ago)

    Hello girls. Great video.
    Can’t help but notice you’re both wearing denim jackets. That would’ve added to the 4 matching items you have. Lol.

    • Karlly
      May 6 at 8:57 AM (3 years ago)

      Thanks Lou-Ann!! We planned our outfits for this video that’s why we are matchy-matchy 🙂 it’s different styles though


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