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With so many burger joints making its way to Qatar, (such as Shake Shack, Burgerry, Elevation Burger, etc.) it’s no surprise that another one has popped up at The Pearl Qatar (TPQ) which is called “Fat Burger”. This establishment is not necessarily new to the scene as it has been around since the 1950’s and opened it’s first Qatar branch in TPQ last year.


I decided to check it out with a friend from work recently. We arrived at the restaurant at roughly around 4PM and the place wasn’t packed but did have a number of customers who were seated indoors and outdoors. The interiors of the restaurant were adorned with Americana pictures mounted on the wall, chairs with red leather and the ceiling painted in red and yellow color were used to tie in with the logo of Fat Burger.


We ordered our food at the counter where the menu (which is limited) was placed on the top. My friend asked for the double fat burger (2 burger patties) with fried egg and I settled for the Honey Garlic Crispy Chicken. We also got regular fries, chili cheese fries and 2 banana strawberry milk shakes.


We split our burgers in two so we can share with each other and in order for us to have a taste of both to see which was better. Both of us liked the double fat burger as it was juicy, without the “beefy” taste, and was more savory compared to the other. The toppings really helped since it added that boost of flavor but we consider the burgers to be decent only and nothing spectacular. What we really enjoyed were the chili cheese fries and our drinks especially since it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet.


Our bill for 2 was approximately QAR 130+. I would give it a (3.8 / 5) since the service was fast and staff were friendly plus the burgers were relatively good. The restaurant was clean but only had 1 restroom for women so you have to wait your turn if it is occupied which I think is a downside.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this review and keep checking back for more! See you on the next one.


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The Pearl Qatar, Medina Centrale – Building 8, Unit 71

Phone No.: +974 4029 9999


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