Personal: Single Girl Problems? or Not?

As my title indicates, this blog post will be about the problems and perks single girls (like me) experience. Of course I can’t speak for everyone and I can only speak for myself but I believe somehow other single girls out there will relate to my sentiments.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this post light and short for you guys so we won’t go into too much detail here to spare you from the drama, hehehe.

What exactly are the dilemmas I face as a single girl you ask? Well, I have actually narrowed it down to the most common challenges I have faced:

1. Dating – Well this can be a good or bad, depending on the situation. I included it here because we cannot forget that not all first dates are perfect and can end horribly. Single girls have to face numerous terrible first dates before meeting anyone worthy.

2. The endless nagging of people telling you to lower your standards or to be less picky because time is not on your side. Just the constant pressure to get into a relationship is so daunting and the constant nagging is irritating.

3. Going to family reunions or parties solo. Again, a good or bad thing depending on the situation. At family reunions especially, it’s much harder to show up solo I would say due to the fact that relatives ask you why you’re still single. I usually get “You’re a catch/pretty, I wonder why you’re still single?”. I know my relatives do mean well, but honestly, I am curious if they think being in a relationship will complete me or make me more happy than I am right now.

DSC064354. The dreaded commercialized holiday which is Valentine’s Day. Not to sound bitter or anything but sometimes it’s just annoying to see almost everyone posting something lovey-dovey on Facebook. I mean I am happy for couples but come on, some posts are just borderline cringe worthy than others.

5. Women in relationships automatically assume that I am jealous / envious of the relationship they have, when in truth, I am NOT. Definitely.


Though the struggles are real, the perks of being single are many too. Like…

1.  Dating – trying out new restaurants, seeing new movies and even going for a new activity can be fun when dating someone. Like I said above, dating can be good or bad, so that’s why it’s on this list too.

2. Being able to flirt with someone new and not feel totally guilty *wink*.

3. When you’re single, you feel free and have a ton of time on your hands so you can do whatever you want like trying out a new hobby, learning to cook, finishing a good book or like me, resort to blogging / vlogging or crossing out an item from your bucket list (ride a hot air balloon – CHECK!).

image-7373dacc5a76ed2d3274a7b9fee784ba983bfa14c280157eb54b8cb94090a54a-V4. More friend time which I didn’t have much of when I was in a relationship. Time was so hard to split between family, work, friends and to add a lover to the mix was just too overwhelming usually. Being single, I have more time to catch up with friends and party / blog / vlog / explore the world with Allyson.

image-c90fffaf6ed4dacf68101f23c3826d804c9dac4531b98ee7fffc951984069703-V5.  I do not have to deal with arguments with a significant other. Let’s face it, arguments can ruin your day. To not have to deal with drama is great!

So that wraps it up for me! Share your thoughts with me especially the single folk, do you agree with me or not? I would really like to know so don’t forget to comment below 😉



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