Meeting a Creative Mind: Amouage’s Christopher Chong

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Anyone familiar with the luxurious perfume house Amouage? Amouage fragrances have reflected the alchemistic heritage and the wonderful traditions of luxury perfume creation internationally for over the last 30 years. The brand is devoted to creating finely blended perfumes using only the highest quality and rarest ingredients sourced from around the world, bringing a true artistry to the perfumes.

Amouage recently launched its latest fragrance called “OPUS IX” from The Library collection. This new fragrance was conceptualized by the Creative Director of the brand, Christopher Chong, along with his creative team. He came to visit Qatar a few weeks ago to present this perfume to a few selection of Qatar & Kuwait bloggers at the Four Seasons Hotel over afternoon tea.

Opus IX Bottle and Box

We received an invite to attend and get to know the man himself plus learn more about OPUS IX. Of course we were happy to come and were excited to meet the man behind the scent.

A few Qatar bloggers were present at the launch like Irina (@yourwardrobeqatar), Kellie (@fashsquad), Husnaa (@eatsleepbefancy) & Khadeeja (@kreativeblog) to name a few. The afternoon tea provided an intimate setting which we loved since it was a chance to get to mingle with everyone and get to know each other.

from L to R: Karen, Khadeeja, Allyson & Irina

from L to R: Karen, Khadeeja, Allyson & Irina

from L to R: Allyson, Karen & Kellie

from L to R: Allyson, Karen & Kellie

From L to R: Karen, Allyson & Ines (@ines_in_qatar)

From L to R: Karen, Allyson & Ines (@ines_in_qatar)

Christopher sat with us and began to tell us more about the new fragrance which is from the Library collection stating that he designed this collection without being gender specific meaning it can be for men or women therefore anyone can wear it. He calls the fragrances from this collection “OPUS” followed by a number to identify the scent. Also, he considers this as his atelier or studio or in fashion terms it is his “couture” where he’s given the opportunity to experiment concepts, technologies & ingredients. The inspiration for OPUS IX was the Camellia flower which has no scent so it provided him and his perfumers the chance to imagine a scent for this flower. They also drew inspiration from the opera La Traviata specifically its themes about love, death, tragedy & redemption. Christopher stated that when they were creating the perfume they only had one statement in mind and that it is a perfume loved by men but desired by women.

Aside from launching a new fragrance, he informed us that Amouage has also opened its first flagship store in Qatar which is located at the 1st floor of Lagoona Mall opposite the Bo Concept Store and The One furniture shop. Amouage today offers collections for Home, Bath & Body and hand made Leather Goods, in addition to its outstanding fragrance portfolio, for which it is most known for.

Amouage Doha Flagship - Lagoona Mall (1) Amouage Doha Flagship - Lagoona Mall (2) Amouage Doha Flagship - Lagoona Mall (4)

Christopher gave us the chance to spritz OPUS IX on our skins and gave us the floor to ask him questions. Let me tell you that we were not shy about asking him regarding anything, may it be about the new perfume or his personal life which he gave a little peek of to us. Ines (@ines_in_Qatar) asked how long it took to conceptualize the new scent which he answered with 18 months. It was a very long process to get the perfume in its bottle due to some delays especially with manufacturers. He stated that the hardest aspect of the whole process was naming the scent since it has to embody the spirit of the fragrance and it has to say everything it has to say in one word. He mentioned that OPUS IX was made in between New York & Paris so I asked him which of the two locations he liked the most and he told us that he is originally from Hong Kong but brought up in New York so he likes the big apple better because it is home plus the lifestyle is fast paced and the work ethic of New Yorkers are great. He then proceeded to tell us short funny stories with reference to his experiences in Paris. I raised my hand and informally asked him how he got into the perfume industry. He answered my question and detailed to us that he wanted to break the stereotypes of Asians in the States (where Asians usually end up as Lawyers, Engineers or in Finance).

To end the afternoon tea, he encouraged all of us present at the launch to take “selfies” with him and gave us a goodie bag which had a Gold Key USB and a bottle of OPUS IX. We asked him to sign both our bottles which he gladly did.


From L to R: Karen, Allyson, Christopher Chong


Our final thoughts: OPUS IX is very distinct and really different (in a good way) from anything we’ve smelled from any of the main brands in the industry. This is because Christopher does not want his creations to be considered main stream. He told us that he does not follow trends and avoids sniffing other perfumes so he won’t get influenced. He doesn’t mingle with his competition either. We say kudos to that because he has definitely set himself apart from the others. We also loved how down to earth he is despite his status. We wish him the best of luck & success on all his future endeavors and hope to see him again 🙂



Woody Floral



Camellia Accord, Black Pepper, Jasmine


Gaiac Wood, Beeswax, Leather


Grey Amber, Vetiver, Civet




1st Floor, Lagoona Mall

Doha, Qatar

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