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Hungry but you don’t know where and what to eat? We have the perfect place for you!

It was one hot sunny afternoon when we and our friends were too hungry and couldn’t decide where exactly to eat. We were close to The Gate Mall so we thought of paying Eatopia a visit. Hearing a lot of good feedbacks about this restaurant made us more enthused to try it.


It was bustling when we arrived. We were greeted by the hostess at the reception area and led the way to our seats. For a first timer, you might have a hard time finding your way around because of how the area was arranged. They provide a wide selection of dishes from Arabic, Western and Italian cuisine along with sushi and salads. Our most loved would be the dessert counter.

We were offered a seat at their wide outdoor patio overlooking the beautiful West Bay area but unfortunately we couldn’t stand the heat at that time so we took a spot inside instead. It’s probably lovely to stay there during the cooler months.

DSC06362 DSC06358

They have this unique concept where you are provided with an electronic card then you have to proceed to the live cooking stations, order your food and they will swipe your card to record the charges for your final bill. You can return to your seat afterwards and just wait for the food to be delivered to your table. After indulging and before leaving, present your card to the reception and pay for your bill – hassle free!

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I (Allyson) ate like a monster that afternoon and wallowed in with some fish and chips, salmon nigiri and a strawberry mojito which is definitely a thirst quencher. I liked everything that I had. The fish was not that crispy but very tasteful and the salmon was fresh.

Their dessert corner was too attractive that I was convinced to buy my favorite which is the chocolate crepe stuffed with strawberries and bananas. For me it was divine!



Karen, being a sushi lover, tried the Eatopia roll and their signature Eatopia burger. She preferred the sushi rolls than the burger since the latter was average in flavor but the rolls were lovely and had a crispy exterior. She skipped on dessert though as both meals were filling enough.


Our friends on the other hand, helped themselves to the salad bar and had a Caesar salad plus grilled salmon and paella which were all scrumptious!

DSC06367 DSC06353



The outlet is very laid back and spacious. Good for group meet-ups and family gatherings. The staff were good in providing assistance and were very friendly. Prices might be a little bit above average in our opinion.  We give Eatopia a (4 / 5).

If you want to go for a quick grocery shopping, you could visit their mini mart just beside the restaurant in addition to the butchery, delicatessen and bakery that they have.

So are we right about having the perfect place for you?


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Location: The Gate Mall, West Bay, Doha 

Contact No.: 40206400


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