Personal: My “NEW” Smile

*Just an update on my personal life guys.*

So I finally did it! After years and years of contemplating (yes! it took me that long) I decided to take the plunge and get braces for my teeth.

Though it was a hard decision to make (because of my love for food) I thought to myself that the issue of my teeth alignment has gone on for so long I eventually ended up with a massive overbite for not taking action earlier.

I was already advised by my dentist when I was in high school to get braces but I was such a chicken thinking I would not be able to withstand the pain so I left my teeth as is. Now, I kinda regret not getting them at that time.

It was on the 7th of this month when I got my braces. The experience was actually rather fine than what I envisioned (think of horror stories about visiting the dentist cos that’s what was on my mind). The procedure only took one hour and I surprisingly didn’t feel too much pain. I do not have much of a tolerance for pain but for some reason even after a day, my mouth didn’t feel so bad. I didn’t feel much irritation during the first 2 days but on the 3rd day I started to get mouth sores especially on the left side of my cheek and on my bottom lip which were really painful. Hence, I took my dentist’s advice and slapped on some dental wax to avoid further irritation and applied medicine to heal the sores.

To be truthful though, it does suck a bit since I have to be careful of my food intake. I’m not allowed to eat certain things especially hard / sticky food like apples or carrots plus gum and I can only go for the safe route and stick to soft food like soup or oatmeal. It’s like a forced diet 🙁 Still, even with such sacrifice I’m happy that I got my braces done and hopefully my smile will be better than before.




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