Basic Denim Wardrobe

A surprise party for a close friend was recently held and I came up with an outfit theme just to make it more fun. It was hard selecting one so I thought of something that everyone would have in their closet. What else would it be? Denim of course! Seriously, it’s a staple that everyone owns.

Denim plays a big role in the fashion industry. You can actually see it everywhere from markets, second hand shops to high-end stores and even boutiques of luxury designers. Before, they just used the sturdy denim fabrics to produce jeans for workers but as time passed it became more popular that even other types of clothing and accessories were made of it. Denim comes in various styles, patterns, cuts, colors, shades and washes. I could give you numerous reasons why I love it but the versatility, durability and comfort it gives are on the top of my list. You can go from casual street style to a preppy look without stress. It’s a statement that will never go out of fashion.

Here are some basic denim pieces which you can style and wear in so many ways:


The perfect piece that can finish off any ensemble, literally. It works for any season and any body type. Keep it casual by wearing a cropped denim jacket on top of a maxi / summer dress or wear it with a midi cropped top paired with a sequined skirt and you’re good to go for a fun night out.



The most common denim worn are jeans. You can easily pair it up with anything. I like sticking to the classic which means white v-neck tee and jeans. Both men and women dig jeans may it be ripped or not. However, men that can pull off ripped jeans are way hotter 😉



Are you with me when I say that it’s hard to pull of a short overall without looking like a toddler? It takes a brave woman to make it work. Anyway, if I were to style it I’d don this denim jumper with a cropped top or a muscle sleeved shirt and moto boots to achieve a good laidback style. Be girly like Jana (below) and wear a light sweater / long sleeves underneath, match it with a dressy pair of ballet flats or your good old white chucks.



You can go from casual to formal with this piece. I liked how my friend wore it as a cover up over a dress and mandals, a style I could wear for running some errands. Another way to look chic is by tucking in this long sleeved denim into a midi skirt. Get your high heels on to add some height and wear a statement necklace to polish the entire outfit.



This clothing is perfect for the summer since you can  easily transform a boring outfit into an interesting one. You would most likely see me putting it on top of a bandeau balanced off with a high waist short / pants. If you like being bright, wear it over a plain tee and colored skinny jeans tandem. Add a fedora to step up your look.



Denim shirts are worthy investments especially for men. It’s flexibility to effortlessly  interchange between looks (from casual to business-casual) makes it a menswear essential. Rock the casual vibe by layering an open denim polo on top of a simple shirt and dark washed pants. For a more professional look, button it up and pair it with tailored khakis.


Nowadays, kids embrace fashion too but we should keep in mind how to dress them up where they could move with ease and still look stylish just like these two! Rhianne (the girl below) paired her denim sleeveless top with a tulle skirt while Jim (the boy below) wore white shorts and a white printed shirt topped of with a denim jacket. Both finished up their looks with sneakers. Aren’t they adorable?


My love for denim is uncomparable. For me, it’s not just a basic piece of clothing, it’s a fashion must have! Go and run through your closet and show me how you’d dress up or down your sweet denim. 🙂


Acknowledgement: A big shout out to my friends who I forced to have their photos taken for this blog post. Haha! You know who you are. I love you all 🙂



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