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My cravings were very diverse these past few days that even I am getting worried about it – from sushi to crepes, pasta and even balut (fertilized duck egg) which you can’t find here. Weekend came and I badly wanted Thai food that I tagged along with my friends and tried Baan Thai. My expectations were high since I’ve been hearing positive feedback from a bunch of people about this restaurant.


Baan Thai’s facade is nowhere near captivating but don’t be deluded. We were impressed by how the place looked, small from the outside but once you enter, it was spacious and spotless. The interiors were modern and oriental which gave a warm and cozy feel.

My friends ordered our food while I was busy roaming around. Surprisingly, on weekends the place should be jam packed but it was peaceful when we visited. I took advantage of the not-so-crowded venue so I snapped photos before the other guests came and at the same time, I couldn’t help but glance through the glass pane where you could actually see their live cooking station.



1st Floor


2nd Floor

Now, let’s dig in! We had chicken satay and tom yum for starters. Perhaps some of you know that Tom Yum is the most well-known soup in Thailand. I had a sip of the soup – the sour taste was bearable and it was spiced perfectly (note that I’m not into sour food). The satay on the other hand, went well with the peanut sauce. My Thai food journey would not be complete without the pad thai so I got one. I have no complaints with the said dish, the blend of flavors and spices were precise plus it wasn’t dry. My companions got the green curry and spring rolls (not included in the pictures) with steamed and fried rice. They definitely got me not just because of the balanced flavors of each entree but also the freshness of the ingredients used.



Tom Yum Soup and Khai Satay


Green Curry and Steamed Rice


Fried Rice


Chicken Pad Thai

Finally, the traditional Thai dessert was served! My all-time favorite sliced mangoes with sticky rice topped with coconut sauce. MOUTHWATERING! I swear I could finish even three servings of this! 😉


Sticky rice with mangoes

Baan Thai deserves a (5 / 5). The quality of food is superb, staff were quick and friendly plus most importantly, they give their customers the value of their money. We have growing numbers of restaurants that offers Thai cuisine and this one would surely grab a spot at the top!


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Address: Furousiya St, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

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