Doha’s Best Cheesecake Competition

We have been busy lately though this isn’t necessarily a complaint but more like an appreciated change. Our schedules were quite packed last week because of “blog” related activities which honestly, has been great because we made new memories and were able to meet other Qatar bloggers.

A week ago (on the 28th of August to be exact) we were invited by UrbanPoint (the event organizer) to attend the “Doha’s Best Cheesecake Competition”. The event’s name is pretty self-explanatory but in case you are mind boggled about it we’ll break it down for you. Basically it was an event to crown the best cheesecake in Doha by inviting a panel of judges and the attendees to rate various cheesecakes from select local businesses that joined the competition. UrbanPoint wanted a very relaxed / friendly environment for the event hence they held it at the 2nd floor of Fogue Cafe which is located at Banks Street next to the Mackeen Holding Building.


There were a total of five brands that joined and each of them were confident that they had the best cheesecake in the city. The local companies that participated were namely Bread & Bagels, Opera, Sugar & Spice, Fogue Cafe and Eli France. Though coffee & tea plus light snacks were available, we were advised not to take any in order to appreciate / really savor the taste of each cheesecake. Judges & attendees of the event were provided score cards and the cheesecakes were all displayed in two long tables.

The Judges

The Judges


In order to avoid any prejudice and to be fair, the cheesecakes were not branded but instead were assigned a certain colored toothpick and we were all asked to rate the cheesecakes by these colors.


Ample time was given to taste the cheesecakes, mingle and eat the snacks that were served. During this break we were able to chat with some bloggers we already knew, like Doaa (, in addition to meeting new ones that attended like Khansa ( plus microbloggers Muhammad (@moawesomesauce) & Debbie (@debbietingzon). It was so much fun getting to know them!

At the end of the night, the Best Cheesecake in Doha was announced. Of course everyone had their own opinions and favorites to win but the brand that took the 2nd runner up position was Opera (black toothpick) which was my (Karen) personal favorite, 1st runner up went to Bread & Bagels (yellow toothpick) and the ultimate winner *insert drum roll sound please* was Fogue Cafe’s Pistachio Cheesecake (green toothpick). Congratulations!!

Thanks again to Susanna from UrbanPoint ( for the invite and a fun filled evening.



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