The Entertainer at The Grill

After the slow season / summer vacation period, several events were being held at different spots here in Doha that made the blogging world hyped up again. One of those was the first bloggers meet up arranged by The Entertainer where we were introduced to the Entertainer mobile application and got to taste the latest menu of The Grill at Grand Hyatt Doha (which wasn’t our first time, read about that HERE).

Blogging meet ups can be exciting and daunting at the same time but that night was definitely a great one. We sat down with a group of smart people and had the chance to mingle with them.

A welcome drink along with an Arancini stuffed with risotto over mango salsa was served to us first while waiting for the other guests to arrive.


The bill of fare that night included a warm goat cheese salad, traditional French onion soup and a choice between roasted king fish in green pea puree or vanilla flavored chicken with parsnip mousseline. In case you were wondering, we both chose the chicken for our main (and we gloriously devoured it! It was really good).


Warm goat cheese salad


Traditional French Onion Soup


Vanilla flavored chicken with Parsnip Mousseline

The best part of the night is Chef Martin’s unexpected dish which was the Tomahawk steak. We loved how he took some time to explain everything about the menu and food plus how he interacted with the whole group. He even told us that if we were to return or for other guests, you can call prior to your reservation time and inform them how you want your steak cooked so when you arrive it will be perfectly done as the way you want it.


Tomahawk Steak


For our sweet ending, we were indulged with a mango passion creme brulee. It truly satisfied our sugary cravings.


Mango Passion Creme Brulee

Everything served to us was really tasty, flavorful and outstanding in our opinion. Compliments to the staff and especially to Chef Martin for the first rate effort. The new menu is truly worth a recommendation though this isn’t the only one worth a mention.

It wasn’t just the food and company which got us thrilled that night but also The Entertainer app. It’s another thing that we’d recommend to you. It’s a great application to download and try especially if you’re always out and about like us!


The Entertainer is a booklet / downloadable application that offers “buy one, get one for free” vouchers at selected establishments across Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. It is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and Blackberry phones plus on Windows. The best thing about it, you can download the app for FREE!! Isn’t that great?! But naturally, you have to purchase the vouchers so you can avail of the various offers.

We have already downloaded ours and found that it is such a user friendly application. Even a first grader will be able to easily understand it! When we’re on our usual shopping / trips to the mall we first check out our app (without even realizing it) to see if there are any offers available within the area. If there are, we try to utilize these because honestly Qatar isn’t getting any cheaper so this is a great way to be practical and save on those extra riyals.

It’s not only you who can benefit from this, it’s possible to share it with your friends and loved ones too. Also, you’ll have the advantage to access additional offers from NEW merchants which are not in the booklet and our favorite part is that you can track how much you’ve already saved up using the app. If these things don’t convince you to download it then we don’t know what will.

Another perk is that The Grill is partnered with the Entertainer so if you decide to give them a visit and try the Tomahawk steak, you can not only enjoy a great meal but also hang on to some of your money 😉 (and who doesn’t want that?).


Disclaimer: The opinions stated above are based on our own experiences and are 100% our honest feedback regarding the outlet and the application though both were sponsored. For our full disclaimer, please click this link —>

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