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On the 6th of this month, we were surprised to receive an e-mail invitation to attend the unveiling of the Fall 2015 Collection of Michael Kors which was presented by the stylist Alanoud Badr and held at the Michael Kors shop at Lagoona Mall.

MK The event took place last Tuesday (14th September) and started at 6 PM. We were actually a bit late due to the heavy traffic that evening hence the place was pretty busy and packed with numerous fashion fanatics when we entered the shop though one really stood out to us because of her very stunning attire. Her name is Eva who just moved to Qatar from Dubai. The event was very relaxed despite the overwhelming turnout of guests with a DJ spinning some tracks and finger food plus beverages were served.


Allyson with the fashionable Eva

Allyson with the fashionable Eva

the friendly DJ Amy (like her page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DJLongplayer )

The friendly DJ Amy (like her page – https://www.facebook.com/DJLongplayer)

As bloggers, our initial instinct was to take pictures of the MK merchandise, the clothes that were included in the collection in addition to meeting the stylist. Of course it would be a bonus if we could purchase an item from the fall line. The Autumn Luxe collection of Michael Kors was mostly either in muted colors or earth tones which we currently adore. My personal favorite from the line was a leather jacket in a deep camel color (forgot to take a photo of it 🙁 ) and Allyson had her eye on a tan trench coat.



The Coat on the left is Allyson's pick from the collection

The Coat on the left is Allyson’s pick from the collection

DSC07760After taking our photos we made our way around the place to locate Alanoud but she was understandably busy meeting the other attendees though after a few minutes our chance eventually came to officially introduce ourselves to her. Honestly, we were pleasantly amazed by her very humble demeanor despite her status and what she has achieved. She was very warm, willing to pose with us for photos, answer a few questions and share some of her personal stories plus experiences within the fashion industry. We wish her all the success in her future endeavors.


Follow Alanoud on Instagram & Snapchat @fozaza

If you wanna look stylish this coming winter (since Qatar doesn’t have fall), drop by the Michael Kors store at Lagoona Mall 🙂 Be ahead of your fashion game because as Michael Kors once said

Fashion is an athletic competition.


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