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We were over the moon when we received an invite from Doaa Jabir to come and meet her along with other Qatar food bloggers at Burger Gourmet last Sunday (18th October 2015) due to the fact that we have not seen her for quite some time now plus it was another chance to get to know new faces.

In attendance were of course Doaa and us including Manjooo, Kiren, Priscilla (@panzyeats), Khansa, Abdulrahman, and Kdeeja. We’ve already met some of them so it was rather cool to see three unfamiliar bloggers this time around. The night started with some light conversation and exchanging of blog / social media details which made the atmosphere very relaxed and can be considered as a friendly meet-up. We’re very happy to say that the company we had was truly stellar in addition to being very congenial.


The Head of Marketing for Savy Hospitality, Sumit Ranjan, was also present to discuss with us what Burger Gourmet had prepared for us that evening. He also explained to us that the outlet’s management has heard what the people have said regarding the food quality hence the whole team especially the chefs have worked long hours to greatly improve on this.


Do note that we’re no strangers to Burger Gourmet since we have previously dined at the outlet last year and we posted our full review about our initial experience HERE; therefore we were curious to see if there were any positive changes from that first visit. For this meet up, Burger Gourmet prepared a set menu which consisted of five courses (YES! 5 COURSES!!).

Everyone was served with a very tart yet refreshing strawberry mojito in very cute glass mason jar mugs and soon after they brought out the appetizer (Crispy Goat Cheese, Southern Fried Chicken & Rock Crispy Prawn with a side of Fresh Rocket Leaves in Balsamic Dressing) plus a serving of Firehouse Fries (not included in the set menu) for tasting.




The first burger plate that was laid in front of us was called the “Black & White Experience” which is two burgers with the first being a succulent prawn burger in squid ink bun and the second being their signature fried burger that came without a bun.


Next up was “The Big Mess”, a double decker burger with melted kraft & cheddar cheeses (sounds yummy?) and lastly, “The Specialist Slider” which is a very rich foie gras burger.




The burgers in the menu (4 in total) were all assembled in “slider” form as explained by Chef Navin in order for us to still have room for the last course which was DESSERT!  A question was raised as well regarding the hefty price tag for the burgers on the menu in which the chef quickly pointed  that the prices are relatively high due to the fact that the Wagyu beef they use is only from Grade 6 – 9, it is imported and hand minced everyday.

To end everything on a sweet note, dessert was served last and we were all given a piece of caramel cheese cake, warm chocolate brownie and a scoop of an in-house strawberry ice cream.


For my taste, the foie gras was the only burger that I (Karen) enjoyed the least since I do not like liver at all. My favorites would have to be the rock crispy prawn (appetizer), prawn burger in squid ink bun and the strawberry ice cream! As for Allyson, well she liked everything that was served to us but her particular favorite among the burgers was the signature fried burger that came without a bun because it was spicy & delicious.

Burger Gourmet has finally stepped up their game! We were both shocked that the quality of the food and the taste have drastically improved. It was very different from our initial visit and this time around, we would highly recommend the outlet. The hard work and long hours that were put in by the entire Burger Gourmet team has paid off and did not go to waste at all. As usual, we were blown away by the plating of the food. It was obvious that a lot of thought went into each dish because of the very meticulous presentation.

Overall, it was a great night and we hope to see the bloggers we met for another get together (hopefully to try out Filipino cuisine) soon.




**Disclaimer: All views and opinions are our own and 100% truthful (based on our experience) although the meals were sponsored. For our full disclaimer click this link



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