Stomach-churning, Skywalking at the Macau Tower

Staring down the beautiful city of Macau, standing 233 meters high as strong gusts of wind blew against my face with wobbling knees, I now can say I’ve made it and conquered one of my fears…

Globally known as the home to the World’s Highest Bungee and popularly visited by celebrities and tourists, the AJ Hackett Macau is something my friend Mhey and I definitely didn’t miss out. This company has been satisfying every adrenaline junkie’s cravings for so many years – from bungee, sky walking, sky jumping to tower climbing.

So to make things clear, heights and adrenaline rush are absolutely not my cup of tea! But surprisingly, once I hopped off the elevator at the 61st floor of the Macau Tower, everything changed. Probably because the staff were too cheerful, the weather was good and the view from the floor-to-ceiling glass panels were just breathtaking.

Henrique showed us around and talked about some of the activities we might enjoy. After the briefing, I was convinced to at least try the Skywalk (recommended for a novice like me). I forced Mhey to try it with me. She was totally caught off guard and probably hated me for that, however, she had no choice but to say yes. 🙂

There’s no backing down. We were asked to sign a waiver and kept our stuff in the locker. We were also provided an exclusive orange shirt that we wore and we were ushered straight to the harnessing area. There we met Jojo, who was so delighted to let us know that he would be the one assisting us. Now fully geared up with our harness, we went directly to the platform. I felt a bit peculiar. Instead of being scared and nervous, I was actually too excited to go out there in the open.

Two safety cords were attached to our harnesses before completely starting the journey. The walkway is encircled outside the tower where there are no handrails. So basically, your life depends on the ropes and harnesses. Do not fret, THEY’RE 100% SAFE.

IMG_4742 IMG_4746

Jojo was not just our guide but also our photographer. At some points of the walk, we were stopped and asked to pose for a picture which we happily did. Our first photo was sitting at the edge of the grid. Luckily, we witnessed another brave soul who bungee jumped.


My friend who was freezing and trembling, wasn’t that willing to do some of the poses like leaning out of the grid.

IMG_4780 IMG_4761 IMG_4769

Who said skywalking at the peak of the tower is better during mornings? I don’t regret that we did it quite late because we were able to see the marvelous view of Mainland China and Macau’s city lights and skyscrapers. Well I bet everyone knows how Macau is called the “Las Vegas of the East” so just imagine how it looked during night time.



We were half way our stroll when Jojo flashed a mischievous smile and said we’re going to do something more exciting (as if we didn’t do anything yet). He started running then lifted his feet and was swinging mid-air. Obviously, Mhey passed on that and I’ve tried it but didn’t end up as graceful as Jojo. Few more pictures were taken then we were guided back to the starting platform.

IMG_4784 IMG_4786

Obviously, we survived the walk! I felt so euphoric over what we just did and I’m seriously proud of myself for having the guts to do this. It was fun, fulfilling and amazing.

My friend and I would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the amiable and warm staff of AJ Hackett Macau especially Jojo and Henrique who made sure that our experience was worthwhile.

If there’s anything you should not miss when you’re in Macau, that’s experiencing the spine-chilling and hair-raising activities of AJ Hackett at the Macau Tower. You don’t need the heart of a lion, just have fun and do it!


Few tips: (for hygienic purposes)

  1. For women, I suggest not to wear dresses or skirts, though they provide a body suit. (I wore shorts which were completely inappropriate for the chilly weather)
  2. Wear closed shoes, preferrably sneakers / rubber shoes. Although, they do provide shoes as well.


**Disclaimer: The skywalk was sponsored but ALL views and opinions are my own and 100% truthful (based on my experience). For the full disclaimer click this link

For additional information:


Address: AJ Hackett Macau Tower Limited, Level T2 – Adventure Zone – Macau Tower
Macau, China

Contact Number: +853 8988 8656

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