As you know, it is such a challenge these days to find someone you can truly call a “best friend” so I know I am beyond blessed to have someone like you in my life who I can rely on during the worst of times. With your really social nature, I am not surprised that everyone wants to be a part of your life. I am proud that I have the honor of calling you my best friend but not only that but also my confidant, ally, sister and soulmate.

I am beyond glad that I am able to spend this lifetime with you experiencing and meeting new faces through our little blog which has truly gone far due to our hard work. It is definitely paying off and who knows, maybe soon enough we might even conquer the world? (hahaha…I guess that was too much)

Anyway, you know I love you and I wish you nothing but the best plus every success and happiness but I want you to know that I will be by your side in every step of the way cheering you on always.



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