The Sweet Opening of Magnolia Bakery at Ezdan Mall

With its tasty, freshly baked and mouth-watering treats, I am not surprised that Magnolia Bakery has expanded with another branch here in Doha (they initially opened in 2013 at Dar Al Salam Mall).

Yes! You’ve read that right! Magnolia Bakery, the classic American bakery that has provided patrons across the globe with a range of cupcakes, pies, cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, muffins and banana pudding which are baked from scratch in small batches on the premises using only the finest ingredients has recently opened its second location at Ezdan Mall.


We were invited to attend the opening and in addition to this, Magnolia Bakery introduced a new signature menu item which was the banana pudding cupcake. This is now available at both branches. Unfortunately due to Allyson’s work schedule, she was not able to come and join the festivities.


The event was very relaxed and chill with tables set up in front of the bakery plus 2 long tables were situated at each side of the outlet. The first long table was all about icing! They had a mini tutorial for interested attendees showcasing how easy it was to decorate cupcakes with a few simple techniques. At the second long table was a display of their classic sweets plus the banana pudding cupcake which I was able to taste. I am a bit bias because I love bananas therefore it was no surprise for me to extremely enjoy this new signature menu item. I was also ecstatic to meet a few food bloggers that were unfamiliar to me because I missed to attend the last Food Bloggers Qatar Meet-Up (read it HERE). It was a pleasure to meet Shamim of Qatar Eating & her friend Mariam (@thesmallprintofbeingamum) as well as Nat from Lemon & Mint.


Do check out the new location of Magnolia Bakery and don’t forget to order a piece or even a dozen of the Banana Pudding cupcake. Better yet, why not place an order for this Qatar flag inspired cake in preparation for the Qatar National Day celebration? You’ll thank me later for it! 🙂




Location: Ground Floor, Ezdan Mall (beside Carrefour)

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