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Last Saturday was a bit different from our usual weekends. I (Allyson) am trying to reset my ruined body clock since lately the day is becoming my night and vice versa which is totally not cool. In order to be on the right track, I decided to ask Karen to go out for breakfast and start the day normally. Breakfast was great, from the food to the place. We finished early than expected and so our crazy selves thought of something random… to get a haircut!

Being members of The Entertainer, we scanned through their app specifically the beauty section and looked for a salon that offered a cut and blow dry. We chose Skin & Soul because it was near from where we were plus it was the only establishment that was not fully booked at that time.

We reached the place around 1:00 in the afternoon and it was quite busy but the receptionist cheerfully greeted us and assisted us to their receiving area. We appreciated the fact that the salon was clean and organized (that earned them plus points for us). While waiting for the hairdresser, we took the opportunity to snap photos of our hair before chopping it off.

IMG_4768 IMG_4775



After 10 minutes, our hairdresser, Lyn, approached us. Most of the staff were Filipinas and they were very jolly in addition to being so easy to deal with.

Lyn took care of us both and since I wasn’t sure of what hair style I wanted, Karen went first. To start off, we had our hair washed which included a quick scalp massage then proceeded to the hair cutting. The hairdresser was gentle plus we loved the fact that she gave some suggestions on what to do to our crowning glory.


After running through a lot of choices, Karen decided to get a short bob and I settled on getting a medium length layered cut with full fringe. Ready to see the results?



Both of us loved our new hair styles and we felt lighter afterwards! Our spontaneous act wasn’t a bad decision at all, right?

Price: QR 200 / person – Cut and Blowdry, QR 150 / person – Wash and Blowdry

Total Price: QR 700

After the use of The Entertainer app: QR 350 for 2 pax

*We suggest that you book in advance to avoid disappointments.


**DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions are our own. Click link for full disclaimer – http://www.lifewithkarlly.com/disclaimer


Muntazah – Al Hilal
Skin and Soul Beauty Center
Tel: +974 4455 2456

Lagoona Mall
Skin and Soul Beauty Center
First Floor
Tel: +974 4411 2311
Skin and Soul Men
B Level
Tel:   +974 4441 2712

Sheraton Hotel Doha
Skin and Soul Men
Tel: +974 4485 4840
Skin and Soul Women
Tel: +974 4485 3840
Website: http://www.skinandsoul.com



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