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Last May we ventured to the breathtakingly amazing country called Turkey (read about our adventure HERE) and since then we have continuously missed and yearned to go back.

Obviously, we cannot just pack up our suitcases and leave all of a sudden (due to lack of travel budget since planning and good timing are a must); so what is the next best thing? Definitely grab a bite of some traditional Turkish food that is available in Qatar.

We all know that there is no shortage of great restaurants that offer Turkish cuisine here but when we got an invite to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Emirgan Sutis, we instantly knew that we simply could not miss out on it!

Emirgan Sutis was founded in the year 1953 where traditional recipes of Istanbul are revived keeping the tradition alive for over 60 years.

Our instincts knew that our burning craving for Turkey will surely be pacified after having a taste of anything Turkish.

We’ve always seen the Emirgan Sutis outlet but never really tried it out since we haven’t heard any feedback about it therefore making this experience a new one for both of us.

When we arrived, we had the opportunity to look at the menu that was truly remarkable! Emirgan Sutis prepared a feast which was not a surprise since it was after all a celebration of their anniversary plus there was a massive turnout of invitees. It was indeed a party (and who doesn’t like a party?)!



Invited Guests: Bloggers, Social Media Influencers and Local Media

The menu was not the only thing that was impressive but the interiors as well. We liked how the kitchen was visible because the meals prepared and the desserts on display were tempting plus the best thing is despite the open kitchen, the aroma of the food surprisingly did not linger in the outlet which we were happy about.


As expected, Meze (appetizers) were served first and this was then followed by platters of mixed kebabs (ooohhh…all you can eat meat!). The glorious spread of various choices were placed on the table for sharing. As if the mixed kebabs were not enough, we also had the chance to choose a main dish! We placed an order for the Chicken Kebab and Iskendar Kebab (which is apparently the outlet’s best seller).




Mixed Kebabs

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab

Iskendar Kebab

Iskendar Kebab

Well what is there to say?? Nothing really except for the fact that all the food was EXCELLENT! Surely, it satisfied our yearning for Turkey and our desire to have the cuisine. Now don’t think we are just saying that because of the invite we received but truly, honest to goodness, the food was exceptional and we highly recommend you drop them a visit especially if you haven’t tried any sort of Turkish food.

Now what also had us reminiscing about our Turkey Trip was the simit (a type of Turkish street food) stand Emirgan Sutis had near their entrance. It made us feel a bit nostalgic of the time we spent in Turkey. 🙂

Anyway, before ending this post, we want to greet Emirgan Sutis a very Happy 1st Anniversary and we wish them a successful year to come! We are certain they will do well in the city because of the great quality of food & service they offer. We will surely be back especially when we feel the hunger for great Turkish delights.



**Disclaimer: Our meals were sponsored but ALL views and opinions are our own and 100% truthful (based on our experience). For our full disclaimer click this link http://lifewithkarlly.com/disclaimer


Location: Al Emadi Financial Square, C-ring Road, Doha – Qatar

Contact No.: +974 4037 5287


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