Molecular Gastronomy at Zaffran Dining Experience

Through our blog, we have managed to meet other like minded bloggers and interestingly enough we can call a select few of them as genuine acquaintances (like Raechelle of Qatar Eats, Doaa of Hungry Birds Doha & Khansa of Creativity with Kay) which equivalents to a “FUN” time when we see each other at events.

Last week we attended the first Food Bloggers Qatar meet-up for the new year at Zaffran Dining Experience and we saw these wonderful ladies again along with other bloggers / social media influencers we’ve met previously.

This was our first time to visit the outlet though our curiosity levels were at an ultimate high when we got there since this outlet has been trending all over social media particularly on Snapchat (add us!!). So why is it trending you might ask; well, it’s a unique concept because it focuses on molecular gastronomy. Sounds scientific right? It basically means that they incorporate science in their cooking process. They use Food grade Dry Ice and Food Grade Liquid Nitrogen in some of its dishes which is quite a rare scene in Qatar. But don’t worry because we were assured that these were approved by local government authorities which makes it safe for human consumption. 🙂

We were served a welcome drink that immediately “wowed” us because it looked like a science experiment!


As we were told, the outlet serves progressive Indian cuisine and luckily they did not skimp on providing us such a wide selection of appetizers, naan, main courses, biryani and desserts to taste. Appetizers included:

Deconstructed Pani Puri

Deconstructed Pani Puri

Barwan Khumb, Cheese Kurkuri, Bharwa Murgh & Barra Kebab

Barwan Khumb, Cheese Kurkuri, Bharwa Murgh & Barra Kebab


Moving on to main courses & desserts: (apologies in advance because they served so much food that we did not manage to get photos of everything; we were too excited to eat).


Velvet Makhmali


Queen's Bay

Queen’s Bay

Astronomy Kulfi Canal

Astronomy Kulfi Canal

Atomic Rajshahi Bhog

Atomic Rajshahi Bhog

We are not the biggest fans of Indian food but we did love some of the dishes (i.e. Barwan Khumb, Queen’s Bay & the Lamb Biryani) and others were a miss for us since our taste buds were not used to the flavors although overall we had such a great time due to the company we had plus the distinct concept of the outlet. Surprisingly, the outlet was packed with locals at the time of our visit.


**Disclaimer: Our meals were sponsored but all views and opinions are our own and 100% truthful (based on our experience). For our full disclaimer click this link


Al Emadi Financial Square, C Ring Road, Muntazah Signal, Doha – Qatar

Contact No. +974 4447 7747

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