After a long day at work and followed by an event that took place at the Lagoona Mall a few weeks back, we were both exhausted and famished by the end of the day that all we wanted to do was find a quiet and decent place where we could talk and eat.

Whenever we’re together, we always take advantage of using our THE ENTERTAINER application and the only hard part is making up our minds on where to go or what to check out. Although that night, we were on the same page and decided to dine at the Outback Steakhouse.


Located at the open piazza of the same mall we were at, Outback Steakhouse enticed us with its calm vibe that the dim lights gave. The outlet closely imitates the native outback life but with a modern twist and is furnished with mostly wooden tables plus chairs which gave justice to it’s Australian theme.

DSC08776 DSC08771 DSC08774

We chose the couch seats and made ourselves comfortable. We were not aiming for heavy dinner which will make us bloated so it’s a good thing this restaurant offers an extensive menu from salads to sandwiches, steaks and even pasta. They have choices for your little ones too.

Karen settled for the Crispy Chicken Tenders and I had my go-to comfort food which were the Fish and Chips paired with a Classic Mojito.

Having deep fried at a steakhouse is quite bizarre right? We know we’re supposed to be trying out their slabs of meat but that does not mean their fried dishes would not be equally pleasing. At the same time, steaks are too heavy for late dinner and Karen is not a red meat lover.

We have no complaints about the food. A freshly baked honey wheat bushman bread was served as a complimentary starter with butter on the side followed by our crispy-crunchy goodness.

DSC08770 DSC08781 DSC08788

We had endless stories to talk about but it was getting late so we had to call it a night. Fun part is, we got ourselves pleased with the generous amount of servings and had one of the meals for free because of The Entertainer!

Food is just one of the reasons you might like Outback Steakhouse but add up the professional and quick service of their genial staff, no doubt you’ll have a pleasurable visit like ours.



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Location: Open Piazza, Lagoona Mall, Westbay, Doha

Contact No.: 44149028





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