Personal: Karen VS Allyson

If you have been one of our loyal readers (thank you for your support by the way 🙂 ), then you probably know by now that we have been friends for ages and we call each other “kambal” as a term of endearment which literally translates to the English word “twin” because we have so many similarities yet we have our differences as well which we managed to compile below. If you want to know more, then keep on reading!

Colorful & Girly VS Monochromatic & Edgy

In terms of fashion style, I normally tend to wear anything that is feminine or colorful. Usually, I use my clothes as an expression of how I am feeling during that day. If I am in a good mood, then you will normally see me all dolled up wearing a flirty dress or a put together ensemble matched with heels. I am also experimental with my make-up and I like mixing plus matching eye shadows from various palettes and coordinating my lipstick to match the whole look I am going for.  Whereas Allyson usually leans toward the edgy yet monochromatic look. She is a minimalist who wears few accessories to add character to her outfit. She also tends to stick to the same make-up look applying the usual products that she has grown to love.

Allyson in her usual uniform which is anything Monochromatic

Allyson in her usual uniform which is anything Monochromatic

Floral for any age

Floral for any age

Spicy VS Non-Spicy

We are both foodies (evident on our blog) but for whatever reason I cannot tolerate extremely spicy food but Allyson can. We only differ in that sense but otherwise our taste is pretty similar.

Bold VS Reserved

When it comes to our personalities we remarkably have changed throughout the years. Allyson is the social butterfly in our friendship. She can strike up a conversation with anyone which makes her very approachable. She is the type of person you can hang out with but not be bored since she’s just a barrel of laughs. My “kambal” is a laid back person who usually just goes with the flow while I am a worrywart who tends to overthink. I am the opposite of Allyson when it comes to first meetings; I am reserved in the sense that I do not truly say much until I get to know the person better after several meetings.

Allyson and Mo (who we met during last year's InstaMeet at Souq Wakra)

Allyson and Mo (who we met during last year’s InstaMeet at Souq Wakra)

Adventurous VS the Not-So

I am interested in doing adventurous things (Sky Diving, I’m looking at you next!) but Allyson is not, though we both like going on road trips.



Productive VS Unproductive

We’re both night owls but for some reason Allyson can stay up much longer than I can which only means she can sleep in much later than me. I tend to wake up a bit early than her and by the time she wakes up I have already done so much with my time while waiting for her to get out of bed.

Party Animal VS Home Body

We both like to party but at the age I am at right now I am slowly transitioning out of this party going phase and prefer to stay indoors or meet out over coffee or dinner.

Dj Danny Wade + Allyson

Dj Danny Wade + Allyson

There ain't no shame in having a quiet dinner

There ain’t no shame in having a quiet dinner

Audio Books VS Hard Copies

She likes to read thick books (mostly fiction) and I prefer listening to audio books (the app I use is  “Audible” in case you are wondering).

Bargain Hunter VS Impulse Buyer

We love shopping as much as the next girl but our spending habits are totally different. I like bargain shopping and I like that sense of rush I get when I find a dress or blouse on sale price rather than paying regular price. My thought is that trends come and go so it is better to buy items on sale because it won’t hurt my pocket too much plus eventually trends go out of style. I prefer to save up and splurge on designer items like bags or watches. Allyson is more on buying anything that catches her eye even if it is on regular price. She doesn’t have the patience for searching through racks and racks of clothes to get an item on a bargain price.

Boy Next Door VS Bad Boy

As for boys, I prefer the neat looking boy next door type and Allyson gravitates towards the bad boys with their shaved heads.

We both hope this post gives you a thorough idea of who we are plus if you have any questions, you can leave us a comment and we will get back to you.



4 Comments on Personal: Karen VS Allyson

  1. Khansa
    March 21 at 9:30 AM (2 years ago)

    Fun read Karen 🙂

    • Karlly
      March 21 at 9:35 AM (2 years ago)

      Thanks Khansa! It was fun to write too 😉 – K

  2. Ramires
    March 27 at 1:46 PM (2 years ago)

    very interesting really. it will be an honour to know you. you guys are cool 😀

    • Karlly
      March 27 at 2:48 PM (2 years ago)

      thank you so much! 🙂


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