A Second Trip to Novo Cinema 7 Star Theater

One of the blog posts that never fails to get attention on our website is our piece regarding Novo Cinema’s 7 Star theater (read it HERE). For some reason, this always gets a high amount of hits each time we check our blog’s statistics even though this post was originally published 2 years ago.

Naturally, a lot can happen and change in 2 years so we decided it was time to update our readers of what ‘s different with the 7 star theater, yet, the only thing we noticed from our visit a few weeks ago (we watched Allegiant just in case you were wondering) was that they had a very extensive menu compared to our initial visit where nachos, popcorn, hotdogs & crepes were the only food items available. Now, they have added pizza, burgers, Starbucks Coffee and more.


Other than the menu, well, nothing else has been altered. You will still see the comfy sofas upon entering the exclusive lounge and the separate concession stand. You can still order at the concession or via the built in iPad on the La-Z Boy-esque seats, recline your chair using the touch pad controls & keep warm with a pillow & blanket. Food will still be delivered at the comfort of your seat hence expect a tad bit of disruption while watching the movie.


Allyson & her Mom

Allyson & her Mom


This platter is worth QAR 35/-

This platter is worth QAR 35/-

Our stance remains the same though; this is great to try once or if you feel like indulging yourself but we would especially recommend this IF you are planning to see a lengthy movie. Otherwise, just go for the practical option to save those extra riyals 🙂 .


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Medina Centrale
The Pearl Qatar Doha
Tel: +974 44185736
Website: http://www.novocinemas.com

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