YouTube Fashion Vloggers I Love to Watch

What do you do when you’re in a fashion slump? When you’re running low on inspiration for your personal style?

Most women pick up their own copy of the latest VOGUE issue or similar glossy magazines to get in touch with today’s fashion trends. But I on the other hand prefer to head on over to for outfit ideas. Why YouTube? Well, because there is no shortage of fashion channels you can subscribe to that will stimulate your mind to inject that edge to your personal style. Plus I find it more relatable than the models on the catwalk wearing their high fashion frou-frou frocks.

Some of my favorites to watch are listed below in case you need a dose of inspiration too 🙂

  • Ann Le (Anneorshine) – Her main focus is mainly on DIYs but she also posts lookbooks for the various seasons.

  • Chriselle Lim – I just love her sophisticated style. Tres Chic!

  • Claire Marshall (Hey Claire!) – She’s actually more of a beauty vlogger but she does share her own laid back style to her subscribers from time to time.

  • Jenn Im (ClothesEncounters) –  Her bubbly personality on cam is the reason why I clicked that Subscribe button on her channel. In addition to that, her outfit ideas are truly original & inspirational.

  • HausOfColor – A style that leans more on the sexy yet classy side!

  • Steal the Spotlight – A mix of the old with the new. Vintage style yet updated for the current time.

  • The Fashion Citizen – Twins who love to thrift. It’s amazing how they can bring back life to their thrifted finds!

  • The Line Up – This fashion duo are already in touch with their own personal styles at the young age of 19!! When I was their age, I surely didn’t know what I was doing / wearing!

  • ToThe9s – Effortless, Monochromatic & Minimal. That’s pretty much how I would describe their channel.

Do let me know in the comments section below if there are any other YouTube fashion related channels that I should look out for! 😉



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