Color Your Summer at “Entertainment City”

The Qatar Summer Festival this year has officially begun and the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) wants you to Color Your Summer (this year’s slogan) with amazing deals from participating hotels & malls, comedy shows, Smurftastic live shows and many more. They have also brought to the public an “Entertainment City” situated at the Doha Exhibition & Conference Center near the City Center Mall.

I was so intrigued about this “Entertainment City” after seeing some posts on Instagram & Snapchats by various users I follow that I headed there last Tuesday right after work to see what it was all about.

I arrived at the location around 4-ish where parking was available at the basement. Once I got to the hall, which was not crowded at all, I had to pay an entry fee of QAR 15/- and I was advised that this fee does not allow me to play any of the games set-up inside and that a top-up card must be purchased separately for QAR 3/- since for the rides & games you can only pay with this card; cash is not accepted except at the food stalls. The QAR 3/- fee by the way is consumable so I opted to top-up with QAR 27/- initially for a total of QAR 30/- to spend at the games section.





The reason why I skipped on the rides is due to the fact that it’s mostly for kids so the only option I could go for were the games. I was drawn to the stall where a ton of MINION stuffed toys were hanging and the objective of the game at this stall was to shoot 2 balls in a bin successfully. Sounds easy right? Well I unfortunately did terrible and didn’t win a sailor minion. I was heartbroken that I went straight to the Angry Birds section so I could relieve some of the pain (ok, a bit overdramtic…lols 🙂 ).








By this time I only had QAR 3/- left in my card since the minion stall cost me QAR 12/- & the Angry Birds game was QAR 15/-. I didn’t want to feel overly defeated, so with a determined attitude to win, I topped up my card with QAR 9/-, tried my luck again at the Minion stall where I managed to lose AGAIN! I was just over it afterwards so I grabbed a bite at the food court for cheap eats and left for home.

My thoughts? Well, this is definitely a place specifically geared towards families who have children although the games can be fun for adults too if you’re not a sore loser like me, hehehe. 😉

I have included a few videos from my Snapchat story (follow me @khamorales) below for a much more in depth view of “Entertainment City”.

Aside from the rides & games, they also house a Karaoke section, go-kart track, a sand pit for kids, inflatable slides, & arcade games to name a few. Do check it out since this will be open until the end of August (Saturday to Thursday from 1PM – 11PM & 1PM – 12MN on Fridays).







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