Product Review: Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water

It is pivotal to take care of our skin as we grow older and it is quite a known fact that wearing make-up can damage our skin if not removed prior to crawling into bed at night. As part of my work (plus my vanity), I find myself applying light make-up everyday to avoid looking sick or worse, looking like the walking dead.

I have tried different products for removing my make-up at night but since last year, my top choice would have to be cleansing waters because these are very gentle on my skin. I have turned to Bioderma’s Make-Up Removing Micelle Solution ever since even though it costs QAR 99/ 500ml bottle. Good thing I have discovered Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water from the YouTube beauty gurus I follow who have swore the same benefits as Bioderma’s but for a fraction of the cost. So when I stumbled upon this product at the shelves of Al Meera, I had to grab 1 bottle instantly to test it out.


The cost of Garnier’s 400ml bottle ranges from QAR 30-35/- which is definitely quite practical compared to Bioderma’s and in all honesty, this seems to have almost the same performance & quality as Bioderma’s since it doesn’t have a scent, is not irritating to the skin, non-greasy, leaves the skin feeling fresh and easy to use by simply pouring a few drops of the product on a cotton pad and wiping your face clean.

Although the label in the front of the bottle says “no rinse off”, I would still highly suggest cleansing your face with a mild facial soap / cleanser to ensure no residues remain. Another thing I’ve noticed about this product is that there is difficulty in removing waterproof make-up such as mascara. Despite this, I highly recommend this product to anyone although I cannot vouch for the fact that it will be suitable to sensitive skin as well (as it claims) since I have combination skin.





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