Flawless Staycation at Banana Island

Since it is considered as the so-called “Maldives” of Qatar, my family & I decided to book a 2-bedroom villa for 3 days at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara to celebrate my father’s 60th birthday!

You might be thinking to yourself that our idea is a bit ridiculous due to the fact that we could certainly just as have easily booked a trip to the Maldives rather than spending our money at the next best thing. Yes, we do agree with you but since my father and brother are only in Qatar on a visit visa we thought it would be best to remain in the country rather than travelling out and re-applying their visas again. This process might take time which may not guarantee that we could spend the holidays with them here.

It was also an added bonus that we got the room rates under a corporate rate making it quite reasonable and buffet breakfasts were included in the rate too. Although, we had to pay an additional QAR 375/night for my brother’s extra bed plus breakfast.

This wasn’t the first time we’ve been to the island because at the beginning of this year, we had lunch buffet at their Azraq restaurant (read post HERE); hence we were already somewhat familiar with the property.

Upon our arrival at their terminal in the Corniche, we were readily assisted by a male staff, who I unfortunately was not able to jot down the name of, that checked in for us on our behalf due to the long queue at the reception. He simply asked us to have a seat and he did everything for us plus he handed us our boarding passes at the end of the check-in process. We were immediately impressed to say the least.

Our 2-bedroom villa was quite luxurious with its own private pool plus the interior design is truly up to par with the other Anantara resorts at Maldives. The blue / turquoise hues incorporated throughout the villa made it very serene. Not only that, we were surrounded by lush greenery that honestly made us feel like we were not in Qatar! For some reason, it personally reminded me of the provinces in the Philippines.

Since we had our own private pool at the villa, we didn’t make use of the public pool available. Instead, we checked out their cinema which is housed together with the bowling alley. The movie screening is free for in-house guests though the charge for bowling is QAR 50/game/person. One gripe I had about the cinema was that they didn’t have new movie releases, only recent releases like Finding Dory, Ghostbusters, Angry Birds, etc. Sadly, we’ve seen most of the movies they were showing so we had to settle with the animation “Ice Age: Collision Course” for our option. Snacks at the snack bar were limited to a small can of Pringles, chocolates & soft drinks.

Another activity which my sister & I wanted to try but I epically failed at was riding a bicycle. They say you’ll never forget how to ride a bicycle once you’ve learned how to but I was the opposite of that. I had no hand / feet coordination at all and somehow I was reminded of my childhood when my parents first removed my training wheels. Good thing the resort easily refunded my QAR 50 (QAR 50/bicycle/person/hour) since the attendant saw how I was awfully & embarrassingly struggling to stay on / ride the bike.

Despite that, our entire stay at the resort was really relaxing and not just that, we were  also well taken care of by our personal butler Luthfor! Shout out to you for making our experience a hassle free one plus for anticipating our needs. He was awesome all throughout and very welcoming! Service by the entire staff was superb which only goes to show that training was not overlooked. I will rate them a perfect score (5 / 5) that is really well deserved. To the staff of Banana Island, thank you for treating us extremely well, you’ve made our father’s birthday an unforgettable one! 🙂

This was truly an outstanding experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone. You should at least try it once and make use of their promotions if you find the rates a little bit out of your budget.

Oh gosh! I didn’t notice that this post has turned out to be a lengthy one! I apologize for that but here’s a short video showcasing our villa, the breakfast buffet and a few of their facilities. I’ll skip on the pictures so this won’t seem like a novel 😉

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Address: P.O. Box 23919, Doha – Qatar

Tel. no.: +974 4040 5050

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